When You Love Something, You Do Not Judge

Social media can work for you in many ways. It is just not about posting messages, pictures and liking someone else’s posts. It can do wonder in many ways. For example, I found my first job through social media. One of my acquaintances helped me get my first writing assignment. 3 years later I passed that job as I did not find their content interesting anymore, but I was not jobless when I quit, I had other clients in my hand. That is the beauty of freelance working.

Besides enjoying all the perks on being social media, I came to know about a FB group, through a suggestion, which was created specifically for the Puna ladies. Where any woman residing in Pune or has something to do with Pune can post requirements, promotions, health tips etc.

Shailey, today posted this.


I am Maggie, one month old, fully vaccinated, mix Indian and Pomeranian breed. I am looking for a family. Interested person can message me.”

And there was a cute image of the puppy there.

I saw 15 comments and more than 50 likes on that picture. I wondered why anyone would like to buy an Indian breed when there are breeds like, Mastiff, Golden Retriever, Labrador and Doberman available.

And then there was a comment.

“Interested, Inboxed you.”

I could not stop myself from inboxing that stranger lady.

“Why do you want to buy that puppy, he is not going to turn cute after growing up and might not compliment your lifestyle.”

She did not say Hi or Why on my question and simply replied.

“I love dogs. Do you love dogs?”

“Of course, who does not?”

“I doubt so, because if you love them, you will think to provide any homeless dog a shelter rather than judging which breed it is.”

And that is how I got an insulting yet important lesson of the life, “when you love something, you do not judge.”.

I inboxed Shailey and showed interest in Maggie to which she replied.

“Sorry, it has been adopted already a few minutes ago. But thanks for showing interest.”

I clenched my fist and looked at the makeup glass right next to my bed and kept looking at myself.

The very next day, I was scrolling down the FB page and checked that stranger had posted something on the group.

A picture of hers with Maggie where they were captured in a candid moment in her garden. There was a Thank you message for Shailey.

Image source https://www.birthdaywishes.expert

I searched for Shailey, and followed her FB profile.

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