Two Week’s Healthy & Unique Lunch Box For Kids

When it comes to making a healthy school lunch box for kids, it’s actually about putting together nutritious ingredients, which should be quick as well as easy to prepare. Nowadays, all mums have hectic schedules and that is because they need some easy and quick recipes, which supplement sufficient nutrition for their kids. Most kids don’t like to eat various vegetables and also prefer specific recipes so it becomes complicated to make healthy lunches for kids.

Kids usually like yummy and delicious food, so search for some delicious and yummy recipes for kids. If you offer them as per their taste, they will never bring incomplete lunchbox.

If you are facing this issue, your problem is sorted out. Here is a list of healthy recipes for kids.

Healthy yet yummy recipes

Asian noodle salad
An attractive and flavorful salad with a fresh ginger stuffing. The cover of the shiitake mushroom is meaty with plenty of flavors and maintains the tough stems for stocks.

Fresh vegetable bagel sandwich

Crispy veggies and tangy seasoning make this snack a real treat that no any kid refuse to eat. It’s a mixture of delicious and healthy kids’ lunch box recipe.

Palak paneer rolls

If your kids do not like spinach in a form of paratha, rice or dal, then this is the way to try this. Because of its attractive look, kids will love to eat and thus they can consume sufficient nutrition.

Corn Pulao

Easy, flavorful and mouthwatering sweet corn Pulao, which will be definitely loved by kids. Adding ginger and garlic,add a great spice and taste to Pulao.

Corn cutlet

Prepared with potatoes, sweet corn, and spice powders, either roasted or back whatever you prefer, proves a delicious and healthy lunch box idea.


Bread pizza

One of the quickest and yummy recipes made with whole grain bread, tomato pizza sauce, cheese and multiple veggies. So, kids love to eat in a lunch box and it is healthy as well.

Wheat dosa

A quick instant recipe made with whole wheat flour served with different chutneys as per your choice. It is healthy and quick so the best for kids’ lunch box.

Egg Biryani

If your kid requires eating eggs as a nutrition, then try this Biryani. It is quick as well as healthy as you can different veggies as per your choice.

Veg pizza

Usually, all kids love to eat pizza. They generally don’t consume vegetable nut in a form of pizza, it’s easy to provide the necessary nutrition.

Stuffed bread rolls

To make this recipe, spiced mix vegetables are stuffed inside the bread, rolled and shallow, fry, back or tawa fried as per your choice.

Masala pasta

Made with just basic Indian ingredients and multiple vegetables like onions, tomatoes, carrots, peas add its nutritional value. A quick to make as well.

Methi Poori

One of the most long-lasting and delicious Indian recipes. It is a full of flavor due to adding ginger and garlic and provide great nutritional value to your kids.

Sprouted sandwich

One of the healthy and easy lunch box recipes which is loved by kids’ lot.

Bread Upma

This is an innovative and rich dish to pack in a lunch-box,made with wheat flour and vegetables.

Try these healthy, delicious and quick lunch-box recipes for kids.


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