Top 7 Late 90’s Shows We Miss Completely

Hip hip Hurray

Late 90 was the time when we saw some amazing weekly and daily shows. That is undoubtedly one of the best TV time of your life if you have already crossed your 30’s. For all the entertainment lovers, this blog post will make you want to watch these shows yet again;

Top 7 late 90’s show that we miss completely:

Tu Tu Main Main:
Supriya Pilgaonkar and Reema Lagoo did tremendous job in this bickering drama where they would argue over petty topics.

Hip Hip Hurray:
Everybody of us wanted a school life like that. 12th standard DeNobili High School students shared their experience of a lifetime with each other. This drama is one of our favorite.

Just Mohabbat:
What can be better than your first love, and what can be most heart wrenching than first heartbreak. Falling in love at adolescence age and finding hard to confess feeling to the one you love is the best spice that never fails in any romance show.

The show said in one of its trailer, if I remember well, most beautiful woman on this earth, Chandrakanata. Before its release the show was already a hit. And how can we forget the chemistry between the two lead pairs.

Hum Paanch:
Comedies are fun to watch but making one hilarious comic show is not fun at all. This show has given us some memorable characters like Sweety, Anand Mathur and Ghost on the wall.

Name Svetlana is still alive in our memories, where she struggles (as she was the mistress) to mark her name in the business and fight for inheritance after the death of a business tycoon.

This show was very popular among women. Neena Gupta and Kanwaljeet Singh gave stunning performance throughout the series. The character of Nina as bold, strong and unshakable woman made the place in every viewer’s heart.

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