Top 7 Korean Romantic Shows you must start watching now

Oh My Venus

If you are a big romance genre buff then this blog post is dedicated to you. We will be sharing top 7 romantic shows from all over the world that you must start watching now.

The list will obviously go long, hence, we will be dividing it into sections.

Top 7 Korean Romantic Shows you must start watching now;

The Heir:

Amazing chemistry between Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye is what makes this worth watching. When in romance triangle jealousy always work, and Kim Woo-bin does full justice as other boy.

Boys Over Flowers:

This show set multiple trends in 2009. Right from hair style to outfits, the caste of Boys Over Flowers became household names in Korea overnight. Also, it proved to be a turning point in actor Lee Min-ho’s career.

Uncontrollably Fond:

No one loves a sad love story, but this show has to offer a lot more than teary eyes. Its script is fresh and also it shows that not all the love stories are meant to have a happy ending. Kim Woo-bin and Bae Suzy have really done wonderful work.


You would definitely fall in love with Ji Chang-wook and his action skills. With this, he became one of the most loved action hero on the Korean TV industry. Park Min-young and Yoo Ji-tae are other leading caste of this show.

Oh My Venus:

Shin Min-a(lead actress) needs to get in shape in order to win her ex-boyfriend who dumped her. So Ji-sub (lead actor) is a health freak who helps Shin Min-a get into perfect shape. But that’s not all, So ji-sub is a business tycoon and also battling with an illness which keeps him away from Shin Min-a for a while. How they finally overcome all the hurdles and lead a happy life is what makes this show interesting and keeps you hooked up till its last episode.

Personal Preference:

We know this is the third show with Lee Min-ho in it we are discussing in our blog post as he is one of the most handsome actors South Korea has. About this show, he is an architect who is searching for something to bag a new project which will help a lot in promoting his business and take it to the new level. For that he pretends to be a gay in order to live with Son Ye-jin because that is the only way she will allow a man entering her house as a tenant. Without giving her a hint of his plan, will Lee Min-ho win the project and how romantically things end up is what worth watching in this show.

Suspicious Partner:

With this romance drama, South Korea got new real life celebrity couple. Nam Ji-hyun is the lead actress and the whole story revolves around her being suspicious as a murderer. How our hero Ji Chang-wook helps her find the actual murderer using the law fairly is what this show has to offer. They both play the role of attorney.


If you know other romantic Korean dramas which we have not mentioned in this blog post, please share with us in the comment section and we will definitely post them in our next section.

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