Today’s daughter-in-law is tomorrow’s mother of your so called blood

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Did I get your attention? Are you curious? Yes, it is confusing to understand this concept.

Someone recently mentioned to a daughter-in-law that she could never be their blood relative.

She began to feel odd one out in her own family.

It got me thinking.

What is blood relative?

I looked up wikipedia definition of blood relative :

“A person who is related to another through a common ancestor, and not merely by marriage or adoption.”

So technically, yes a daughter-in-law is not a blood relative according to the definition. She is related by marriage. But have you ever thought that you are actually insulting your own mother who also at one point was daughter-in-law, not a blood relative of your father and gave birth to you. You are now gloating with pride that you are a blood relative of your father, your cousins(question remains which cousins? mother’s side or father’s side), your brothers and sisters. So, you feel you are entitled to tell a daughter-in-law that you will never be a blood relative of this family.

Let us examine more closely. Your mother is not a blood relative of your father so are you a blood relative of your mother or father or both?

Plus whose ancestry do you follow? Your mother and father have a different ancestry.

Other way to look at it:

Your ancestors are the members of your family who lived before you: your parents, your grandparents, and their parents before them. It is sometimes applied to the brothers and sisters in their families, to whom you are not directly related (aunt, uncles, great-uncles and so forth). “Ancestors” is usually used to mean those who lived MANY generations (and many years) ago.

The reverse term is “descendant” (children): one is “descended” from those who gave birth to him (or her), and the generations that came before them. It’s basically someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent). In my opinion, people are not born stupid. According to meaning of “tabula rasa” which I learnt currently, it means clean/blank slate. There is a hypothesis that we are born with a blank slate. What you allow your mind to grasp is your knowledge. So stupidity is a measure of ignorance you are willing to live with.

So next time you are going to put a daughter-in-law down, just think if it is okay for someone to insult your mother. Is it okay for someone to blame your mother in the same way because she is someone else’s daughter-in-law too?

The same daughter-in-law is going to give birth to a child who will be your blood relative according to your definition of ancestry. So, today’s daughter-in-law is tomorrow’s mother of your blood relative.

I was thinking that definition of blood relative was arrived at during the times when blood grouping was not known to the world. So in loose terms, it was said that you are a blood relative if you follow the chain of your ancestors.

In reality, above mentioned definition applies more to genetic relation and not blood relation entirely. In speaking with a physician friend, it was further confirmed that for the lack of knowledge of blood groups, probably lead to above definition.

According to research, first cousins carry 25% of genetic pool. As ancestry goes down the line, one eight genetic pool in third generation may be found.

If you follow your father’s ancestry than your mother’s side of family should not be considered your blood relative. Do you see my point. If one went by theory of Adam and Eve, we are all related to one another somehow.

Also as science brought more evidence, theory of genetic mutations came to knowledge that that is one of the main reasons, why your mother should not be blood or genetic relative of your father. So that they will not have genetically mutant kids.

Respect the daughter-in-law of any house as she will one day be mother of your future relatives.

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