This Routine Finally Made My Life Positive And Filled It With Energy

Getting up early in the morning can be really tough. I understand. Every night we set the alarm to 6:00 A.M. and make promise to get up early at any cost. But that never happens. To save the time we compromise with the routines. I had this bad habit which gradually led me towards disorganized day. I started thinking what is the issue. I finally accepted the truth that if I get up early I might make things happen right. This time I was determined to wake up early for at least 21 days and see the change. It is said that to change your bad habit you only need 21 days.

Through my personal experiences I am going to tell you what these 21 days were like;

Week One

First couple of days was worst. It was really tough to make myself come out of the bed. I managed to do it and finished kitchen chores. After that I got plenty of time to look after other tasks. But at night I could barely cook. I would get tired by that time. Was that it? Before I could stop following the new routine I came to know about Morning workout.

image source internet
image source internet

Week Two

I followed the same routine but before all that I started giving at least 30 minutes to the meditation and basic yoga. I started feeling light throughout the day. I would get plenty of time to finish daily chores, writing tasks and tuition kid in the evening, play with him and hell lot of things. I started getting habitual to the routine.

Week Three

I did not stop here. I created a diet chart for myself and followed it for the week. Now my perfect routine would include, getting up early, do yoga, prepare meal according to diet chart and stay fresh all day long. I read it somewhere, when your morning starts at a good note, entire day becomes positive. In just 21 days I saw life changed around me.

image source internet
image source internet

Never give up on a wish. Whenever you feel to stop, think why you started it. I have started feeling light these days. And now I am not going to quit. Plus, I stay rejuvenated all day long. As a mother and a wife you need to stay healthy and fresh. Your appearance affects people near you. Stay healthy and keep you family healthy. Cheers!

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