These Two Women Are Setting True Example Of Ideal Politicians

What comes to your mind after hearing word politician? According to you, what certain qualities a student union leader must have? Well, let us help you by listing all our expectations here;

  • Good leadership
  • Good management
  • Unbiased judgement
  • Problem solving skills
  • Balanced aggression and patience

But does politicians use even 30 percent of these qualities for public good. A very few people in politics will stand identical to your expectations.

Today, we are going to talk about such a youth leader who not only listens or understands the problem but also goes extra mile to resolve it.

Providing helping hand, resolving issues by breaking all the barriers is not easy as walk in the park.

Dimple Bhavsar, ex-president of Student Union at Meera Girls (M.G.) College, Udaipur, currently owns a Sandwich stall, in a partnership with Sonal Lohar (former Vice President of M.G. College). Now what is the so far story of Dimple from being a promising youth icon to becoming an entrepreneur. Our team has covered the whole story, and sharing it with our readers.

Dimple Bhavsar & Sonal Lohar

If you live in Udaipur or get a chance to visit this city of lakes, do visit Fateh Sagar and do not miss Politician Sandwich stall.

The full name of the stall is.

Papa ki laadli, Politician sandwich corner.

Dimple is armed with degree from M.G. college and later became student union leader. During her tenure, she fought for many issues related to women rights, such as, employment, education etc.

Talking to which, Dimple shared her words on women employment issue, “After finishing M.Com, girls would expect that I will get them a fairly paid job and at many times I managed to get them one, but they never stopped coming back. Only 7000 to 8,000 INR in today’s time is not sufficient, they would say. Income subject was the most common subject and constant in our daily sessions. And that is how I started to give it a thought on a serious note. I decided to do something that will boost women to stand on their own feet without depending upon on job and recruitment companies. I wanted to help them build their own path. And that’s how Politician Stall started.”

The aim behind this stall is to create a chain of girls who are not financially strong or don’t have family or any other kind of support.

“Now our future plan includes expansion of this stall, and we are trying to empower girls through it. We have some good food ideas for our vision. Right now you will get many tempting sandwiches like masala, cheese, veggie, club and junglie sandwiches. In upcoming days we will move towards varieties of burgers and beverages.”-she says.

“Owning a food stall is not easy. Daily you have to face many challenges. Specially when you have put your hand in lion’s mouth, as our location is situated next to mumbaiya bazar, where there are many famous food stalls already exist. But again worth to mention, we are not here to earn huge amount of money. We are actually following our vision.”-she added.

Now and then many people say that, women must focus on cooking skills as its their karmic area. Dimple took this advice creatively yet seriously and opened doors for many such women who listen same advice from their family and friends. That’s the best answer to the opinionated world.

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