This Delhi Based Girl Is Donating All Her Earnings To Cancer Patients! Respect

Sukkriti Nath-holding her book "The Burning Truth"

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize your aim in life, and sometime you realize when it is too late. Well, you are never too late to start something good, but today, where young generation is still fighting with depression and other mental illness due to lack of knowledge or better say guidance for not being able to decide what they want to do with their lives, this young girl, Sukkriti Nath has already found her motto.

Sukkriti Nath with the book (buy)

Sukkriti dreams to see her nation ‘Smokefree’. With her past experiences, she has penned down a fictional story to create awareness in youth about “How they are risking their precious life by smoking.”

Not only this, at the mere age of 16 she has decided to donate all the earned money to Cancer Organisation. So thoughtful.

Let us go deep into her life and motto. Keep reading below.

First, tell us about yourself and your family background.

I wrote my debut Novel – The Burning Truth at the age of fifteen-years. I am passionate about reading and writing, and I come from a family of academicians whose root began in the ancient, holy city of Varanasi. I currently live with my parents, brother, and grandmother in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India.

Presently, I am a student in DP – 1 (Grade 11) at Pathways School, Gurgaon.

You are too young to pen a book. What inspired you the most?

I penned my book at the age of 15, and have continually aimed at promoting the same. At its core, my novel, The Burning Truth explores various teenage issues, and how they might cope with it – with the focus being on Teenage Smoking. The reason why I chose this topic was because it had always affected me deeply, and it was one that I could relate to personally, being a teenager myself.

My maternal grandfather was a chain-smoker and we all know how commercial advertisements can be fuel to a six-year old’s fiery imagination, this deeply disturbed me since I became aware that smoking leads to cancer. As stated previously, my paternal grandfather was fighting cancer in front of my eyes. I somehow joined the dots at a young age, and since then, it was written in stone for me that smoking was injurious to health.

Hence, when given the opportunity by my school to work on something personal for our project, I took the opportunity to pen down my thoughts on the same so that I could reach out to people far and wide.

The book “The burning truth”, how it deals with today’s generation and what is the message behind it?

My novel portrays the roller-coaster-like life of Sana Sharma, a teenager who belongs to Gurgaon. The readers will get to witness the life of a common teenager, and the things they face in their teen years through the eyes of Sana.

I personally feel that it is a must-read for every teenager, parent, and adult. It foreshadows the things a teenager encounters, and parents would be able to actually understand what goes on in the mysterious minds of teenagers. On a more specific note, I penned this book to highlight the causes, impacts, and solutions of teenage smoking and have attempted to weave the same into my fictional writing.

It is very considerate of you to donate the money to a cancer hospital by selling book. Tell us more.

Cancer has always been a cause close to my heart as I have seen my paternal grandfather battle cancer and eventually pass away in front of my eyes. That incident ignited a thirst within me to do something about it apart from the book she was already working on. Therefore, I decided to donate all the revenue generated from the sales of my novel to Cuddles Foundation – an organisation that supports underprivileged children in fighting cancer by providing nutritional food.

The foundation works with the government and charity cancer hospitals across the country including TATA Memorial, AIIMS, Kidwai, MNJ and many more to reach more children. They provide children undergoing treatment with food, hot meals, nutritional supplements and ration baskets as per their requirements so that the kids have the strength to fight cancer.

During my research process, I even visited one of their centers in AIIMS. It truly moved me. I realised the magnitude of the problem and what we’re dealing with when I actually went to the pediatric cancer departments in the hospitals the foundation works with.

Any message that you want to share with our readers.

In one line, my message through this novel would be to tell parents, and teenagers across the world – that whatever it is you’re going through, you’ll get through – you just need to find the right path across.

You can help Sukkriti generate more money for the chilren who are battling cancer by buying her book. Click here to buy.

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