Solo, Group, Partner-Doesn’t Matter. Just Travel Whenever You can.

Neha Mishra in Indonasia-2017

I just love to travel. And it does not matter how or with whom-Solo, Group or Partner. As long as I have a chance to tour, in a blink of eyes you will find me at the airport with the bags.

Hello, I am Neha Mishra and I am an avid traveler. Till date I have been to more than 25 places all over the world. 4 countries and still counting, and that’s just a beginning.

People often ask me about my travel stories. By telling my experiences, I get to live those moments all over again.

Neha Mishra during her Thailand Travel-2016
Neha Mishra in Thailand-2016

Here are reasons why I love iteration breaks in any given condition;

Travel Solo to build your confidence

I love to roam solo because it gives a chance to explore myself. To be a happy person in life, it is very important to know who you are and what are your needs. When you realize that, you do not have to limit or push yourself as per others. Solo traveling boosts you from the core. First step taken ahead might make you feel jittery. But believe me, you are going to feel a positive change in your life after that one step. You will love yourself more, and feel more independent.

Travel in group for cultural connects

You meet new people, from different cultures different cities, states and sometimes from different countries. You get a chance to learn about a place without going there. Group trips are a different level of fun all together. You sit, relax, have fun, make fun, roam or just photo bomb and make a lifetime memory. Also, it allows you to learn who are your real friends and with whom you connect well. Because in daily monotonous life you don’t get so much of time. And above all, who knows you get to meet a lifetime travel partner.
Neha Mishra Traveling to Indonasia-2017
Neha Mishra in Indonesia-2017

Travel with partner to find more reasons to get married

I think, you get to know more about your partner by traveling together. More you go on trips, more you learn about each other.  I think, it is the best way to check if you are truly head over heels in love.  Go on a shoestring budget trips and you will know how seriously you are involve with him/her in any given circumstances. The best part of love is in knowing that you will never give up on each other no matter what.

Neha Mishra Traveling to US-2015
Neha Mishra in US -2015

In the end, I would only say this that solo, group or partner, whatever it may take just TRAVEL.

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