Self-Proclaimed Queen

Playing multiple roles is pretty hard. Especially, when you are a mother, a working woman and a housewife. Whole world around you wants to know how good you are at your job-Marriage. Bingo! All the possible roles in a girl’s life are dropped into her hands the moment she decides to become a lady. At first, she tries to be a warming housewife who prepares delicious meals for the family and distinct relatives on the occasions, then a successful career oriented woman who can pay her own shopping and food bills, then a good lover at nights regardless of what she feels after a hectic day and within a blink of eyes she learns the new definition of life-Motherhood. Managing everything as a married woman is not tough, the challenge up-rises once she becomes a mother.

I never thought that I will have to compromise with my career once I become a mother as my professional chart was reaching new heights, but its life and nothing can be foretold. Looking at the fact that relatives honor you more when your child is curled up in your arms and not looked after by some nanny, I decided to become a full time housewife and let Jay (my husband) stay out to make money. I respected my decision until one day this society taught me something new-a perfect woman knows how to manage both work and home without giving a chance to complain. When I understood this, it was already too late. Leaving a 4 year old baby to creche is going to be hard for me.

To wrap up-So what my husband runs the house-I run the daily chores, which makes us equally perfect in our individual roles.

May be people call house-makers great and respect them, but let me tell you this truth, you are just not the person to sit among those service people. Reason, they do not care to listen about your poop stories.

Between failed career and an attempt to be an ideal woman I welcome you all in my life-a life to which I call “Self-Proclaimed Queen”. Hello, my name is Avita and this is my story.

When a women bids goodbye to her career other doors open.

Shruti from Tamil Nadu created a Whatsapp account and she sells South Sarees and other dress materials. Her business is achieving success exactly as she thought.

Neeta from Delhi sells homemade chips and other snack items all across the Delhi region, her salary is less in comparison to other family members but she finances herself pretty well.

Arohi from Rajasthan has a small factory of Bandhej Stoles, and runs her business online where women around the nation buy through her e-commerce website. Unlike, Neeta Arohi can finance her entire family including in-laws, but that would hurt egos of many. Not stretching the topic she calls it a hobby.

I live in Pune, and I write. As I said when one door shuts another opens. One day, I sat on my laptop, searched for all the SEO companies and online magazine firms, made a list and sent my applications. Within a week I had 4 offer letters in my mail.

And that is how my freelance writing journey began.

But is that enough? People, with poky nose and unaware of my writing career, still ask, what do you do whole day sitting at home? Obviously, I avoid them, but that gives me a moment of doubt on my life.

My sister once said to me, you do not have to be rich or take birth in a royal family to be a princess or queen. You are a queen while you are cooking (as you decide what will be the menu), you are a queen when you are with your kid (as you decide how it will be raised).

As Oprah Winfrey says,


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