SANGRIA – Cocktail shot for two devils in my life!


Firstly, to all who are shocked to know me talking on alcohol, “Truth is bitter and so alcohol and we all have to face truth someday.”

I bought Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet, Vintage 2010 wine yesterday, sipped it, and spewed it in basin. Opened up my fridge today morning to collect milk, bread and butter to prepare breakfast and saw wine bottle lying on lower shelf. Seeing edible or potable in home, couldn’t be thrown, not to be consumed is not less than a sorrow for a woman.  I felt the same at that time.  Off the reel after reaching office I switched to Google to fetch solution on how to consume that wine.

For you: Chotu and Minki!


Finally I discovered a brew on internet; SANGRIA by Jill dupleix. Recipe says;

–          Wine

–          Orange juice

–          Lemonade

Mix them all and shake well. Add more wine if required. Pour your drink into martini glass and drop Orange, and lemon salacious slices into it. Sprig Mint leaves on top and serve it ice-cold.

Guys! I am persuaded to bring this creation at dine tonight. Let’s hope for the best.

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