Mint Garlic Rice And Homemade Tomato Soup With Fried Bread

My right shoulder is paining when I try to take a deep breath, reason? May be I slept wrong direction. I do not know actually, but I actually felt it when I went downstairs to pick fresh vegetables for tonight’s dinner and way back stairs I felt pain.
Well it is worth when you cook grandmother’s recipe with new twist.
So this is the recipe that my grandmother used to prepare for my grandfather and he loved it. Not a tricky recipe but a very simple homemade tomato soup.
I have made few changes to it as per my taste.
First I thought of preparing this soup but thought what else I can serve with this, I cooked rice;Mint Garlic Rice.
I took a pan, added cooking oil then added chopped green chilly, garlic and mint to the boiled rice and on the top I added salt. Ready it was.
For Tomato soup;
I boiled 3 tomatoes, blended them, added water and stirred.
I added cooking oil into a pan and added asafoetida, black pepper, salt and turmeric powder to it. When the spices were ready I poured entire soup.
There were kept few wheat breads into my refrigerator, I cut them into square pieces and fried in ghee.
When I served it to Mayank I added bread pieces to the soup.
The food looked yummy and tasted the same. Mayank enjoyed it. Bingo!

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