Let your faith be stronger than your fear: says Dr. Krati Jain, Vice President at SRG Housing Finance

Dr. Krati Jain

A girl born in a conservative family faces certain problems in achieving big points on self, but the problem increases even more when she has to fight with her own family members. Our today’s article is dedicated to one such girl who proved that no hurdle can stop you from achieving your dreams if you are determined to make them true- Dr. Krati Jain. Due to sharp intellect she was her teachers’ favorite student, and received good scores throughout her academics.

Since her childhood, she wanted to improve the status of women education and women employment. After completing CS (Company Secretory), she started to receive many offers from the promising firms but she had to let them go as it was time to give shape to her dream; she started efforts to connect women with professional education and employment. Her notable work included, visiting schools in Udaipur city and surrounding villages where she made people aware of the importance of girl child education and families aware of female foeticide and the associated laws.

With students

At the same time, she researched on the Capital Market to understand the Indian business world and received Ph. D for that.
Currently she is a Vice President at one of the most promising housing finance companies in India, SRG Housing Finance Company.
Notable awards and honors she has received till date are:
“Top 100 most influential BFSI Leaders Award” for excellent contribution in the field of finance, 2017.

Awarded as “100 Top Most Influential BFSI Leaders”

“Nation Builders Award” by Rotary Club for Education and Business Incorporation, 2016.

Receiving “Nation Builders Award” for her contribution in academics

She has also been awarded by many institutions for special contribution in the field of women empowerment and finance.
Today, she has become an inspiration for many who are living in a gender biased society. On the condition of not disclosing the name, she donates a large part of her income to the orphanage, old age homes and government schools. Her future dreams include providing free education to the girls and help them pursue a professional course so that they become independent and stand on their own feet.

Trade Development Council-Hong Kong

No doubt she has made a special place in her profession.

She shared many interesting and inspirational thoughts with our team;

Betingle: As a woman, we all at some point face gender gap. What do you have to say on this?
Dr. Krati: ‘A woman’s education can bring nothing good to the world.’-Yes, I heard that many times in my life, (laughs). I wanted to change this thought process. Challenges were many. In a very small age I understood one thing that if I want to build my own identity I will have to prove myself at every stage, whether it is education or exam scores or driving four wheeler or building a career or giving speech in front of a mass. People were waiting for that one mistake, and I never gave them one.

Receiving Company Secretary degree

Betingle: Have you ever met someone who thinks women are too stupid to work with numbers, handling money, or planning intricate corporate strategies?

Dr. Krati: Women leaders of today are chartering unknown territories unabashedly and fearlessly. Be it in ecommerce, education, investing, travel, fashion, retail, fitness, hiring, and anything and everything under the sun, they are proceeding with gumption and unbridled enthusiasm to change the world around them. They are making a difference with their ideas, seeking solutions that have never been sought, fighting diseases and social norms, running successful ventures and generating employment for many. I think this is the answer to those who think women are too stupid to handle numbers.

Betingle: What dragged you to pursue finance? It sounds pretty tough, but on the other hand it also looks like a complex job.

Dr. Krati: Being brilliant in studies and inclined interests in numbers, handling money and investments made me pursue my academic and professional qualification in finance and management. Vision of corporate leadership, innovation and strong decision making skills were firm in mind which led me to an unstoppable journey to senior most position and well paid job in finance industry. Facing challenges and achieving scale of heights has now become a part of optimistic me. Joining SRG though being a small group was a right decision to make as this group has provided me a platform to show my ability and skills. Redefining organizational goals and  excellence in managerial skills helped me deliver high performance. Our team at SRG believes and focuses on continuous improvement culture that values learning and commitment to quality.

Betingle: You received your first big award at the age of 28. What do you have to say on this?

Dr. Krati: Passion of creating educational awareness led me to get a doctoral degree and enter into academics. I received Nation Builder’s Award at a young age of 28 for contribution in educational industry.

Betingle: Speaking of which, you had to fight a battle with your own brothers on getting same rights on education. Please tell more about it.

Dr. Krati: Battling with your own brothers and patriarchal society for your career and enthusiasm to do something in life needs a strong determination and power to face the criticism but once your focus is cleared no hurdle is big. But now the time has changed, people and their mentality has changed. Still, there are many families out their who do not support girl education. I come from the same society and same mentality where girls are never given same educational rights as their brothers. That period was the most challenging time of my life. I live in a joint family, many of my family members pushed my parents to make me quit my education and marry, but my parents stood by my decision and supported me. I cannot be more grateful to God. I am lucky to have such wonderful parents who stood by my side and listened to all the criticism. They tolerated a lot so that I could make something good out of me.

Making her parents proud

Betingle: Would you like to share your success mantra with our readers?

Dr. Krati: I believe in the phrase ‘New heights through strategy.’ Also, believe in your dreams. After facing so many hurdles I never went negative and still I do not. Large amount of fan following was not my dream actually, in fact, I dream to create more female leaders and that is called true leadership. So never chase success, put efforts to create goodness in humans. I am aiming to be the top most powerful business woman around the globe. I have just started rising. It is just a step and many more to go. Keep your plan intact and faith in your plan will lead you to execution of success.  Prioritizing your responsibilities will ease your way.   Every girl has got her own skill set and passion , just be determined and planned.

She is indeed a living inspiration for men and women within the company, society and now an ambitious upcoming national business leader.

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