Hotel Industry Is No More A Male Dominated Sector-says Mandvi Gupta, Asst. Manager at HRH Group of Hotels

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In a past few years, women have excelled in the hospitality industry at a faster pace. It is no more known as a male dominated industry as women have active roles in almost every vertical of this field. In an interview with Asst. Manager, Mandvi Gupta from Shiv Niwas palace, HRH group we tried to learn the current scenario of female workers in the hotel industry.

Mandvi Gupta-Asst. Manager (Guest Relation, HRH Group)
Mandvi Gupta-Asst. Manager (Guest Relation, HRH Group)
Mandvi Gupta
Mandvi Gupta

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Have you faced gender pay gap in this industry?

It is everywhere, IT for example. But from a past few years, things have changed. The mentality has changed. Luckily, in my case I never faced that. Although, I am aware of the fact that, unfortunately, in many sectors women are still battling this pay gap issue. But also I would say that with your skills and hard word you can change the convention.

Do you think there are certain things that are preventing women from rising in this industry?

I will not deny it. And there is a reason for it. Shift timings, lack of holidays, in fact hotel industry gets busier in the festive season. As a woman it becomes bit tougher for us to make a harmony between both professional and personal life. So, yes, these are the topmost challenges we as a woman face in our career progression.

What verticals you think women must take stand to be a part?

Today, there is no sector or department left where women cannot go and work. There was a time where our voice or opinion was not appreciated. For example, Cooking Industry, still I hear people saying that women cannot take charge of commercial kitchen, where in fact, there are so many examples where women rule the kitchen. Dominique Crenn, Nancy Silverton, Angela Hartnett are a few to name. Take best example of Shipra Khanna from India. Just Google it, you will be amazed. And over and above this, there are many female General Managers in the hospitality field who are in charge for biggest hospitality brands.

Do you think, women face more speed bumps in this industry than men to see the progress in career?

Looking at the fact that a woman has to take care of many other things (motherhood for example) as well apart from work front, their progress pauses. Senior level managers should understand that women these days are capable of handling multiple things at a time. A woman should be given a chance to show her caliber. And female employees must respect the decision made under their favor and give their 100% by going an extra mile. Taking my own example, there was a time when I was battling with a mental stress due to some personal reason. But I did not let that reason affect my caliber. So efforts should be made from both the sides.

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