Is Living In With Your Parents After Job Is Still A Good Idea?

First of all, do not take this post in a negative aspect. I know many of you will raise eyebrows on this topic, especially parents. All parents want their kid to stay with them after job or marriage. But is it a good idea? When a girl leaves her parent’s house after marriage why a boy cannot leave his?

Ok, let us not take an example of marriage here. Let’s talk about job.

A person (whether girl or boy) lives with the family while in a job, and another person leaves the house to experience the life on its own.

Who do you think will be able to manage life better once parents say good bye forever? I wish all parents on this earth live for 100 years, but let’s talk practical here.

I know a very ideal family where a couple lives with two sons. The couple decided to build a double floor house to ensure their kids live in the same house. Everything was good until one day.

Now learn what happened. From the day when old couple was not able to carry the expenses, discussions between the sons started making the rounds. Who will do what? Their parents never discussed such things? They were also two. Eventually, sons made a boundary inside the house and responsibilities were divided. Two brothers who never ate dinner alone before now had separate kitchens. They took turns to look after the parents.

My mother says, “When you are a child with siblings you keep saying ‘Mother loves me the most’. When you grow old and your mother is older, you start saying to your sibling ‘She is your mother also.’” See the difference.

What needs to be understood?

Parenthood is a tree. A tree produces fruits (children). Once the fruit is ripe (maturation of children) it leaves the twig of the tree. The fruit has own duties to fulfill. One day it will have its own place in the environment and through seeding it will produce its own fruits. And so the life will continue.

I strongly believe that once the education is done and you are in a job the duty of your parents is completed. Now it is their life. When you were in teen age they motivated you to get an aim in life. Now as a mature child it is your duty to help them get their life back. They have left doing what they loved the most. Perhaps your father had interest in travelling but he travelled less to ensure his earned money gets you best education. Your mother had a career and she is a good cook, so help open her own cooking blog.

Still if they feel good being with you and can’t see you separate, get the charge in your hand. Get them a cruise ticket and let them experience their second honeymoon once again.

To the parents!

You must understand the true meaning of detachment. The more you encourage them to stay together the more clash will happen which is never going to give solace to your soul. On the other hand detachment maintains the respect and dignity. Also, your child, whether girl or boy, learns to live life on own. Let them experience the life.

To the children!

There is no celebration complete without parents. If you have not tasted the Diwali special sweets of your mother’s hand then you are one of those unlucky persons. Make sure you are always there with your parents when they need you the most. You are “successful, happy and capable” because they raised you by sacrificing their choices.

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