Instant Bread Rava Idli

I do not like purchasing instant idli batters from the market for certain reasons. And preparing them at home with rice takes long. Plus, I failed to prepare best Rava idli after several attempts.

I heard about adding bread in the rava idli batter and tried it. Thankfully, at one attempt it worked.

So, ever heard of bread in the rava idli batter? This tasty south Indian instant recipe with bread in it makes the idli soft and fluffy. It took me only 30 minutes to make it.


2 ½ cups rava

4 breads


1 cup curd

Baking soda

Makes 18 Idlis


Cut sides of breads

Grind it in a mixer

Add them in a bowl with rava, curd, and salt

Add little water to make medium paste, not to watery or too thick

Mix them well

Put them aside for 5 minutes

Add some water in the idli cooker and keep it to boil

Add baking soda in the mixture and mix it well

Grease idli moulds with oil or ghee

Add equal portion of batter in each mould

Place idli moulds in the cooker and cook it for 10 to 15 minutes

Insert the fork in the steaming idli, if it sticks it needs more steaming.

Take them out and serve it with Sambhar and coconut chatni

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