If I Had The Midas Touch

Being a girl I could only thought of placing this Midas touch story at the current issues that every girl is going through in her daily life; issues like, molestation, harassment, humiliations, etc.  I could not stop thinking of that girl I met few years back. She had a great family. I wish she could get Midas touch to revive her life.

She was a fun-loving girl, used to gel up with people quickly, enjoy every life event and jolly in nature with people. She put herself on the place of any other guy in this world. She loved cricket; she would play cricket with her neighborhood friends. She loved biking; she would drive to the highest mountain in the city. She loved night out with friends; she would jive till the morning. She did everything her brother would do and she in fact was considered same as his brother till she grew older.

Time changed; things changed. The behavior towards two genders changed. If everything was allowed to her brother then why she was tamed and disallowed to do any of the things she loved. She fought and fought for her right, but stopped by her parents. According to her parents it was the security they were concerned about their little angel. But her zeal to do what she wanted refused to listen to anybody, but her heart.

One day she left the home and shifted to hostel for her higher studies, and there she found an opportunity to do everything she desired of. She went on to the late night parties with her friends, she was molested. She drove to the highway or road on her sport bike, she was eve teased. She played cricket with the children in her colony; she was humiliated on her outfit. She raised her voice; community misunderstood her. People, who understood her, told her that it is a curse to every woman on this earth to stay within her limits.

She started fading. She was afraid of trying new things in her life. Whenever she tried to take a step, her inner fright stopped her. She started losing confidence. She came back to her town.

The time came when her parents stopped guiding her and misunderstood that their daughter is grown up and much mature than before. But only the heart of that girl knew what she was going through.

She was thinking of the Midas touch story, where king had power to turn everything into gold. She wanted the same power to turn things right. She wanted to touch every person on this earth who undervalued a girl; every man chauvinist who thinks any girl is weaker than them.

Her brother still goes to play cricket with his neighborhood friends, he has biker gang who measure the highway every Sunday, and he is allowed for late night parties.

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