I write because it gives me joy: Gauri Nair, mixing humor into writing

Remember, we talked about a woman named Gauri Nair in one of our recent posts This Pune Woman Has A Whopping Amount Of Fans. Well, our team decided to interview her and they found her completely amazing.

Gauri Nair is a freelance photographer and humorous writer

Read the full interview.

Betingle: Firstly, we would love to know about your story from being a techie Microsoft to Writer and then Photographer.

Gauri: Microsoft just happened at the right time to me. I never worked with Microsoft directly but I was with a BPO for Microsoft process. I am a B-Com graduate but always had an inclination towards technology. I love reading and learning about gadgets so even with the little technical knowledge that I had, I did well at work. I always loved shooting people, with the camera of course. I had a little point and shoot back then when finally my husband decided to gift me a DSLR. That is when the journey towards professional photography began.

Betingle: Woman techie and woman artiste both are different world. How you differentiate them and what are the similarities according to you?

Gauri: I wasn’t much a techie as I was a Team Manager. It’s a challenging job especially as you are managing people, but at the same time it is driving, exciting and fun. Photography is my passion. My hobby. Photography drives me. Similarities? Well in both the jobs, you have to think out of the box. Get creative and excel at people management.

Betingle: Art of storytelling specially in the form of writing is not an easy task. How you started it?

Gauri: The art of story telling: Well, I was always in dramatics mainly comedy. I had never wrote a script but had a knack for it. I started writing when I think I was around 6 months pregnant. I had a difficult pregnancy. I was on bed rest and the person that I am, I just couldn’t cope up with the “sitting idle’ thing. Hence I started narrating the comic incidences that were happening around me.

Betingle: You are making many people laugh with your mini tales. They idolize you. How do you see this?

Gauri: I don’t know if I am a person to be idolized. I write because it gives me joy. Finding light in the darkness is possible! I just want to pass the positiveness around. Reading through people reactions assures me that my mission to spread smiles is progressing.

Betingle: How do you maintain work life balance, because digitally active presence requires a lot of your time and dedication?

Gauri: That’s a tough one to answer. You should ask that to my Mother. She’ll say “This girl can never be off the phone”. When at work, my phone is in the locker. I am too lazy to even check it during breaks. I mostly use my gadgets only when I am at home, as an when I get time from “the little Hulk’. Hence, you will mostly see my presence during early mornings or late nights.

Betingle: What is you success mantra?

Success cannot be measured or defined. For me, I will term myself to be successful once I achieve inner peace (like in Kung Fu Panda), self content and satisfaction. Success cannot happen without passion. If Success is at the top, then passion is the ladder to reach it. Climb without fear! You are the key to your success! Just find the right door!


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