I call it a facade-by Khushbu Avtani

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Love is a just a facade with a motive of finding a partner to fulfill your physical, monetary, emotional and gregarious needs.
When you are young and beautiful, you will always look for someone equally pretty or smart enough to handle your class.
You are surrounded with bunch of youngsters, hitting on you, going gaga over you.
You get lots of proposals by the end of every semester.
You date a few, or many. You party hard, drink, smoke, dance, have sleepless nights, engage in unstoppable banters and do many other stuff that define your day and night as “crazy”.
Your boyfriend buys you branded tops, cute dresses and trendy accessories.
You in return give him pride by holding his hands in the college campus.
You passout from college.
Now you are a young woman with money.
You become choosy. You tend to filter people around you.Your definition of crazy day/night shrinks to normal booze, having a meaningful conversation with people who match your level of understanding. You avoid wasting money, going out on random dates, lie to hide another lie.
You look for simplicity. You try to stay out of complications that may be toxic for your current relationship.
You still think of seeing other men, who may be better than what you have right now.
But you are afraid to take chances. As you have many things going around at the same time, and only you decide the weightage. Career/friends/family/fitness goals/travelling goals/learning some art/investing time in investing money tops the priority list. That doesn’t mean you don’t feel the need of a partner. You do!
Mid twenties is actually is an experimental age. Some choose to experiment with partners, some put their energy into other things. Some struggle to come out of a heartbreak. Heartbreaks actually are important part of a youth’s life. It can proselyte you to
a completely different person. That conversion usually makes you better in decision making. Gives you prudence to choose the best for you.
If you focus on other things more than love life, you eventually realise the need of companionship in your late twenties or early thirties.
This is the time when you have class, focus and money. But you struggle to find a partner.
Suddenly, you get alarmed! And start  looking around.
You start trying your luck on social networks, dating apps, school/college WhatsApp groups, morning walks, workplace,matrimonial sites,bus/train/plane journeys.
You are clear with what you want with defined filters in your head.
Therefore, those who are wealthy, look for pretty faces. Those who are pretty, look for wits and money.
Those who are emotionally broken, look for practical partner, those who are very stern, look for emotional counterpart.
In nutshell, it’s all about looking for what you lack. That’s why I call it a facade.
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