I Am Sure I Do Not Want Attention, But I Cannot Compromise On My Importance-Khushboo Avtani

Khushboo Avtani

As we all accept the fact that no one is born extraordinary. We all take birth with same physical attributes and exhibit similar habits as we grow up. While obeying alike biological development we tend to evolve differently  according to the different circumstances we are exposed to.

Depending on varied ecological and social niche we are subjected to, we acquire set of virtues that makes us different from the rest.

Being different or ‘standing out’ is very subjective and can’t be taken in literal sense. The perceptions of being extraordinary greatly vary in accordance with the eclectic array of activities people can be involved in.

It is also pertinent to mention that the tendency to ‘shine’ among crowd is not constant but emerges by fits and starts.

So, One can be a Hero for many, but not all. One can inspire many,  or not at all.

There are many people around us whom we see struggling to achieve something every day. Sometimes we can see the progress very closely if the person referred is known to us and we see potential in him/her.

The potential  that can take them near, nearer, nearest to what they are intended to achieve and are working hard for.

So these people have a fair chance to be famous and recognized.

On recalling the first line about being extraordinary and standing out in the ‘crowd’ has purpose of making us realize that these boisterous bunch of people always start from an ordinary crowd without being born with a silver spoon .

So let’s talk about a girl coming from a small town of Rajasthan who found her passion for writing poems in her late 20’s after being dormant for almost all the years of her adulthood.

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She is also an author of a poetry book “Amidst Muddle” which is a compilation of her 100 poems.

Click to buy book on amazon https://amzn.to/2CB3CFk

The Title itself best posits her reasons for writing.

She has written more than 150 poems in just 6 months of discovering to be capable of writing that has clearly become a passion now.

She performs her poems on various open mic platforms.

Click here to listen to her reciting poems. https://bit.ly/2oUSGbH

She has always been very keen about the events happening around that succumbed to myriad confusions in her life but instead of being depressed and throwing the towel, she made the habit of ‘over thinking’ her strength and in no time, had scribbled a heap of poems describing her various moods and her perspective towards life.

Upon talking to her about this, she confidently considers the ability of writing and rendition as her strengths. She further says, finding a strength gives her a way to chance upon other latent virtues which leads her to more confidence and positiveness.

She does not call it success but the transformation. Transformation that may take place anytime, anywhere. The milestone may be small or big  irrespective of the gravity of the incident behind the change. It may be brought about just by watching a simple movie, over an argument, a big fight, a breakup, a love affair, losing someone you care for, some big failure or even by tasting success.

The story of Khushboo was all about a simple change that made her make use of her latent strengths. The graph of her hard work against her passion displays her immense potential to stand out and inspire others.

Betingle wishes Khushboo to burn the midnight oil to shine like a star.

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