How, When & Who Started The Me Too Movement-One Movement Which is Taking Everyone Along

Me Too Movement


These days, our social media time line is full with one hashtag, which is ME TOO. Yes, we are talking about #metoo movement which has come into the picture again after Bollywood’s former actress has made the headlines with her allegations. Some time ago many celebrities had made their statement about their past experience on sexual harassment through the Me Too Movement, but that soon lost somewhere among other flaming issues, but it recently grabbed the speed again.

Note: this post’s only motto is to tell readers the history of Me Too movement.

We all clearly know what this #Metoo movement is but most of us still do not know that from where it started first.

So, How, When & Who Started The Me Too Movement

Did you know Me Too movement was first started by an activist Tarana Burke in 2006.

And that movement was not only about speaking and standing for women who faced sexual harassment but also many other things as well. The main motive behind this movement is to encourage women to show solidarity on every matter that ever tries to suppress them or trample their dignity in any way.

Now the question is how this movement turned into a social cause and ignited many to raise their voice and come out in open to share their experiences.

It all started like this, Alyssa Milano, who is an American actress, activist, producer, and former singer. tweeted this in 2017 to support her friend’s (who is also an American activist, former actress, author, model, and singer) allegation of sexual harassment against America’s former film producer.

Alyssa Milano’s Tweet

You all were thinking till date that this is a movement started a few months or years ago, but it was already planted in 2006 and we are thankful it happened.

It takes a lot of courage to come out in open and speak the most challenging thing on social media platform.

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