How Well You Bond With Your Teenager Child?


How Does It Feel To Be ‘JUST ME’?

Pic. taken from the internet.
Pic. taken from the internet.

To Girls and Boys!

As Michelle Obama said, “There is no boy, at this age, cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting an education.”

Well said.

Instead of worrying how do you look, or how charming the boy in your class or college is, focus on which ability in you makes you more confident. Only self-confidence will help you tackle the circumstances in the upcoming future.

I have seen people regretting not pursuing their dream and giving their ambitions a chance. When they had the time and chance to polish their skills, they were busy concentrating on other stuff, like LOVE.

I am not saying falling in love is wrong. What I am saying is that how smartly you balance both love and studies. Also it is very important to know who you choose to share feelings when you see a problem in your paradise. Friends? But do you get best ideas from them? Do you get confused?

What makes you scare the most? How will My Parents react after finding me dating someone? This is the only fear every teenage faces other than losing partner.

What if you tell them everything, then there is no worry. Sometimes, you do not even care if your partner dumps you.

There is a magazine (I will not take the name) running on Facebook these days. It asks people to make confession publicly and see what other people has to say. Although every confession is assigned with a unique code which hides confessor’s identity.  I am pretty sure the motto of the magazine is to help confessors get some good advice and suggestions. It was open for any type of confessions, be it about married life, crime, or anything. But all I could see was confessions made by teenagers about their love life. One of them was,

“Hello, I am 15 year girl from (some country). I have a long distance relationship with this guy for more than 3 years now. We have not seen each other till date. But now he wants to meet me. He lives in (some other country) and is calling me. He also wants me to keep this conversation private and fly without notifying my parents. Please guys help me what should I do. I love him immensely and cannot live without him. I know he loves me the same way I do but this condition he has put is not what I want.”

To Parents!

Parents who think their children playing or studying on computer are safe from the outside world, they are wrong. Most unexpected things can happen at your house also.

More than 100 comments made me think how immensely people take part when it comes to present views of their own. One woman had to say this;

“The answer is in your question only.”

If you think this is all made up, you have not met this generation properly.

To Girls and Boys again!

How easily we get so restless, helpless and Monotonous that nothing makes us happy from inside but only a phone call. How easily we give the control button of our life to someone else?

Do not let someone else control your life/freedom/choices. It seems very romantic to do everything as per the partner’s choice but what you do not realize is that you are losing the self-esteem and self-confidence in you which impact your future badly.

Do not say no to love. Teen-age is the time when you know what CRUSH is, you know how it feels to be in LOVE. But it is also about knowing yourself first, that you have a life. You are here to prove your abilities.

To Parents again!

A little thought for the parents also. Why is it too hard for us to talk with our kids on some certain topics? Like love, sex, boys, etc.

Twinkle Khanna said this in one talk show, “My daughter has questions to ask. She wants to know the WHY of everything. On the other hand, it is a reverse psychology with my son Aarav. We talk about everything. We talk about drug, we talk about sex. When the time comes when he needs to talk to someone I hope he picks me. I have kept those doors open. I joke with him about everything.”

According to Karan Johar also she has a great bond with her son.

Any parent on this earth wants to know what is going on their children’s mind. That cannot happen easily. When you cook some recipe you start with basics, like washing and peeling and then chopping. In the same way the bonding must start in the very early age. If you think the issue your kid has in his PG class is not a big deal then you are wrong. He needs to know you are listening. Even if he worries on losing his pencil, rubber, drawing book, fight with the other kid in the school, or anything. You must listen to them. If he says nothing, try to put questions and start the conversation. Two things will happen, he will be good at communicating, and he will know that he is important.

Self-confidence starts from here. When you put this practice daily, gradually your kid will be more open to you and instead of sharing personal thoughts with the world on Facebook through some random magazine he will directly come to you. KEEP THOSE GATES OPEN.

And when you do that you have the power to control them. Now with this you can help them with their teen-age issues and motivate more on their studies.

Believe me, when your kid knows that you are there to support, nothing on this earth can shake his or her confidence level.

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