How Depressive Posts on Social Media Affects Your Relationship?

No married life is perfect. A few years ago this message from Brad Pitt made the circulation on all the social media platforms saying that how he helped Angelina, his wife, coming out of the depression. I really do not know if he ever made this statement saying how he made Angelina fall in love with life once again, but it gave us major relationship goals. Today, the tales of their split is on swing. But they both chose to keep mum. They really did not give any media the chance to cook up enough stories on their split. You will hardly see any article where they are accusing each other. However they are celebrities and the truth comes out through some source.  In short words, spread love.

What annoys me the most is the sad quotes posted on FB walls.

Researchers say Facebook use can lead to a decline in happiness and satisfaction.
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In my upcoming book also I have talked about this which says,

“‘In this modern day world, you do not need to ask people “Wassup”.

Their FB posts play the perfect role of a close source.’”

People posting absurd messages really do not think how badly it impacts their relationship life. Negativity has never solved anything. I will give you one example here, do you think after giving several flops Deepika Padukon got famous again because she talked about her depression. No, she got famous because she worked harder and overcome the depression. She came with a bang in 2013 and delivered 4 hits. For that year she won Filmfare award also.

Your posts give a glance to your personal life. Never ever allow someone to peep into your life. My ex colleague once posted a quote on her relationship with husband. She intended to send indirect message to her husband that how bad she feels when he ignores her. This one mistake stretched the issue. He made counter attack by posting something similar. It gave readers a point to talk. She could have told him straight or through personal chat.

What I really do not understand that what people think while taking such actions. There is no doubt that they are facing a depression. In fact, they or their family members do not realize it. These people need attention and a warm hug. If they do not give answers and repeatedly change the topic, just offer them a cup of coffee, stare directly into their eyes. They will definitely open their heart. Listen carefully and if required hug them again. Take them to the comedy movies. To some, shopping works as an antidepressant, while some feel happy when they eat good food. Living under one roof does not make you closer to someone, listening to them does.

According to a famous blog on the internet there are 7 types of annoying people on social media, and people who constantly keep posting depressing posts are one of them. On your first post readers will come and give sympathy through comments. On second post people will give only likes. And once you make it a hobby followers will start ignoring you. Some will unfollow you, like I did. I have recently deleted people from my list who were constantly posting depressing quotes.

Overall, in today’s world movies like, Piku, Queen, SATC, and Kahani are sending a message of woman empowerment. There is no place left for the movies like Humari Adhoori Kahani and Sanam Teri Kasam.

Readers want inspiration and not depression.

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