5 Top Female Only Jobs Sites in India To Rejuvenate Your Career

female only jobs

Have you been busy looking after your family? Were you busy in growing up kids? Whether it is marriage, motherhood or mobility, every woman has her own reason for why she got out of the track of career.  Now it’s the right time to restart your career.

If you think it is already too late then, remember this line by George Eliot,

It’s not too late to be what you might have been.

However , it seems quit challenging but its better late than never. You are not alone in this journey of rejuvenating yourself.  Many organizations are working towards assisting women to regaining their self worth by reshaping their career.  Some websites are also available to counsel them and also mentoring to maintain image in corporate world.

Female Only Jobs Sites -Jobs for her

It’s an online portal which provides better job options who desire to commence own career. You will find many reputed companies from various fields and, also, you will get experts who will help in polishing your skills. It is Bengaluru based online portal which was founded by Neha Bagaria that offers jobs by tech giants like Mahindra, Adobe, HCL, IBM, Accenture. These companies facilitate women to maintain work life balance by offering various flexible options like part time, freelancing, work from home etc.

Link here.

Female Only Jobs Sites-AVATAR I-WIN

This is Chennai based women professional interface network launched by Dr. Saundarya Rajesh in December 2005. AVTAR-I-WIN is very first career service for women which gives momentum to re-initiate their dreams. It is for the women who have career aspirations as high as family priorities in order to balance by achieving best of both worlds and keen to rise with full potential.

Link here.

Female Only Jobs Sites-Her Second Innings

Founded by Manjula Dharmalingam. This website helps women by finding corporate and home based jobs according to their flexible schedule. After registering with them, they notify you every opportunity related to your field. On this website you will get many temporary and long term projects.

Link here.

 Female Only Jobs Sites-Sheroes

To get success in career, networking plays key role. This website offers women to build community and network by online and offline events. This website has member count of around 42 thousand, which helps you build your own community and find resources and mentors.  It is based in Noida and co-founded by Sairee Chahal.

Link here.

Female Only Jobs Sites-Qween

This is Mumbai based interactive platform started by three mothers – Niti Jain, Neha Shah and Deval Shah. This platform provides training and development opportunities to women. If you want to be an entrepreneur then this platform could be a boon to you.

Link here.

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