Explore the most 10 popular food trucks of India

A large vehicle loaded with different kinds of food such as ice cream trucks, prepackaged food, on tour kitchens and make food from scratch. French fries, sandwiches, hamburgers, and other local fast food cuisines are still the top choice among people over highly expensive restaurant food. This business boosted more after the recession period where people finally got rid of unwanted job and found solace in what they love doing the most-their own business on the wheel.. According to one research, sales for the food truck segment is increasing around 15% annually, compared to 5% per year for the casual dining restaurants.

India has had food stalls and restaurants serving delicious street food from earlier ages. Though, food truck comes with a craving way to serve different food that you can afford even if having a tight budget.

Go through some popular food trucks of India

The Lalit food truck of Delhi

It serves mouth-watering Mexican delights in the Capital city of India. It proves that food trucks do not mean just chats and parathas.

FoGo Mumbai

Serves tasty Seekh kababs, burgers and Nutella pav, and Kheema cutlets. So, it is a great combination of Indian and Continental Street food.

The Cheese truck from Pune

Popular for its Momos, Grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza slices, and desserts prepared from Nutella. You will feel an excellent feeling in little dishes.

Meals on wheels

The food truck started to add the evolution of food trucks by including a menu, which is a great blend of Western, Indian and Chinese Cuisine. Its key items are delicious momos with garlic butter and Chinese Bhel.

South 2 Mouth

Serves in Ahmadabad, it is firmly decorated an Auto-rickshaw. Serves mouth-watering fusion south Indian food such as Cup Idlis, Tacos, Nachos, and stuffed Idlis as well.


It is a bright pink truck serves a range of popsicles with pieces of juicy benefits of fruitilious like strawberry, kiwi, peach, blueberries and creamier desserts. The eateries actually inspired by Mexican paletaz.

S.W.A.T of Bangalore

They serve American food, still stands for “serving with a twist”. Some mouth-watering servings are burgers, corndogs, nachos, and deep-fried Oreos. Relieve food are Mac n’ Cheese and sloppy Joes.

Henny’s gourmet food truck of Pune

Serves delicious warm Belgian waffles topped with Nutella, Caramel, Oreo, strawberry, Maple syrup and Banana!!

Flavor labs

It is the best food truck whether you need to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Serves appealing American, Indian and Pakistani cuisines.

Great Indian Bhukkad

This food court is the most popular among college students. It’s hot and spicy Chinese dishes, North Indian fusion, sandwiches and rolls awaken your inner hunger.

Food trucks have been a decent trend and a more cost-effective way to serve customers without an issue of rent and seating capacity.

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