Do Not Let 10th Standard Result Decide Your Career

Generally, around 20 is the age when a person literally starts thinking about the future. Last two years of the high school keeps you busy in ranking good percentage and the other two years of the bachelor program is all about living carefree. The actual tension ascends when you reach the third year, and it goes worse in the last few months. That is the time you get serious about the fact that life is not only about living carefree. This is the age and the time when you know that you cannot be dependent anymore.

Also, the time comes when a person wishes to design its own life. I would not call it wrong. Each person is an individual and it’s their choice what they want to do with their lives. They just need to meet the right guidance.

You cannot just go out and seek the right guidance. There is no person sitting outside who knows what exactly you should pursue. You go to IT College and the consultant will tell you the benefit of pursuing IT and the future scope, same goes with any college, you go there and they will tell you the same; benefits. What they do not try to figure out is that whether you are interested and capable enough to pursue the stream. It is only you who can tell what makes you happy from inside. No one else knows you better but you and only you.

15 years ago according to my parents, Computer Science was the stream that could get me both reputed job and handsome salary. It took me 6 years to complete the bachelor and master program and another 5 years to prove myself as a capable IT person. A person from computer stream principally goes to either Testing or Development, I chose Technical Writing. All these years I gave full dedication to this field, and then gradually realized I do not want to write for the “things”, but something else, which directly concerns the humans and not some machine or a system.

Today I think, “Did I make a huge mistake by wasting both time and money on this program?”

Many of us, choose different paths after taking degrees in wrong fields and eventually, we do only what makes us satisfied. So, it is better to realize our likes and interests in the early age.

I have met many people happy in their professional lives who have different degrees, though. It is a call to all the teenagers who are still in their decision-making time, listen to your heart. Do not go behind the crowd to secure your future. Your future is secure only when you know what you are best at.

  • Your interest in something starts from the very early age. Do not limit yourself to that only. Go hop on the computer seat, open it, turn on the internet and explore new things that concern your interest. If you are good at chess, check out the chess classes in your town and the competition going around you. Subscribe to the newsletter, or monthly magazine, and stay tuned for the latest news of your favorite field.
  • Make two types of goals; short term and long term. In short term, list down the wishes, you want to accomplish within the year. In long term, list down the wishes you want to achieve within upcoming years. If you specify a particular date, even better.
  • Make a group of friends from all over the world who have same liking as yours and stay updated. This activity will keep you motivated and you will not feel the odd one out.
  • Do not expect your goals to be finished on time, they may take some time, and you might face failures sometimes but remember victory can be enjoyed at its best only when you have tasted the failure.

Overall, 18 is not the age to think which field to pursue. It is the age where half of your goals in the sheets are already marked as milestones. The sooner you know what you want, the faster you get the success.

Final Marks of 10th standard’s papers cannot decide your future. There is a lot more than just a few subjects in your school which you need to explore on your own.

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