Crispy Maida Poori and Boiled Potato

I searched this recipe several times on the internet but could not find. I have learnt it from my MIL (Mother-in-law) and once saw it made by some popular chef on some random food channel. She calls it Swal Aloo but we will go with Crispy Maida poori. That is much easy to understand. According to her it’s a dish from UP (Uttar Pradesh).
To make crispy Poori
– Put 4 potatoes to boil.
– Meanwhile take 1 bowl.
– Add 1 cup maida (fine flour), 2-3 tsp suji (semolina), salt as per the   taste, half tbs warm oil, ajwain (celery seed).
– Mix them well and add some water to make dough.
– Keep it aside for 10 to 15 minutes.
– Meanwhile take some oil in the pan and bring it to heat
– Take a big ball of the dough and make round chapatti (just as      shown in the image) and cut it in the square pieces with the help of  knife.
– Check if the oil is ready.
– Put the pieces in oil and turn them.
– Take them out once they are golden brown.

– Recipe of Aloo masala
– Remove and throw the skin of potatoes.
– Take a bowl.
– Mash them.
– Add chat masala, chopped onions, salt as per the taste, chopped  coriander (optional).

– Make a hole in the crispy poori and add alu masala.
– Add more chat masala if required and serve it with hot tea.


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