Creamy Bread Pizza- Twist of Salt and Pepper

Image is for illustration purpose and has taken from Internet
Image is for illustration purpose and has taken from Internet

When you think of pizza first thing that comes into your mind is lots of cheese – It is obvious. At the time of purchasing Pizza items, the most important item you look for is Mozzarella cheese. You cannot take that thing out of your mind. I was asked to prepare a cheese pizza at home, now during short notice I had to make sure everything is available that requires building a pizza. After a brainstorming I settled myself to this list;


  1. 4 Breads
  2. Milk Cream
  3. 2 Onion – chop in small pieces
  4. 2 Tomatoes – remove seeds and chop in smaller pieces
  5. 1 Capsicum – chopped
  6. Black pepper
  7. Salt


  1. Take a bowl, except bread, mix everything in a bowl
  2. Take a Pan, Pour butter and middle heat
  3. Take mixture on spatula knife and spread evenly on one side of bread
  4. Put other side of bread on pan, and heat it for 2 to 3 minutes


  1. Take the bread out, put coriander leaves on it and serve it to your loved ones

Do not worry if you see cream melting, it will be vanished but leave a taste that your loved ones will never forget. And I also request an appropriate name for this recipe


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