Cocoparra: A nice candle light dine!

Candle Light Dinner!
Candle Light Dinner!

It was our first visit to the Cocoparra restaurant. I had heard by word of mouths and discovered about it on internet through reviews. Here I am articulating all the points I felt during my visit there;

Urging staff and ambiance: Kharadi-Mundhwa Bridge is well known for its rush-hour-traffic which people want to leave as quicker as possible. And Cocoparra is surprisingly situated under Bridge. Who will not want to go to the place that gives peace and relaxation? And we found Cocoparra has both. Staff welcomed and apprised us with the dine areas. We opted to sit in the lap of nature. Enjoying nature with favorite beverage in hand was not less than a delight for us. The music was so right to get our body on feet and dance but we somehow managed to dance our feet under table. Learning about the other activities (classic movies on projector, trip to the kitchen, etc.) from the staff while enjoying the food was another good experience for us.

Food & Price: The restaurant is famous for European cuisine (as told by the staff) but my lent and his (husband) love for ethnic food clinched us to order simple Dal Fry and Tandoori (wasn’t bad at all). We are definitely looking forward for our next visit to cuisine which the Cocoparra is mastered in. I am still confused why they named tomato soup a Wine Ripe and not Vine Ripened (actual name according to my knowledge on food item so far). There must be some significance behind the word “Wine ripe tomato soup” that I do not know.

I also had a slight idea of their highly priced items but made my way due to the fame of Cocoparra’s beauty. We ordered stuffed paneer trio which was delicious but was not worth paying approximate250.

Overall Nice experience and worth spending fine evening with your loved ones

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