Chilli Noodles with Omelet

This new recipe I have tried few days back in my kitchen. It turned out to be a delicious evening snack. I haven’t used any special ingredient but existing spices in my kitchen. Sharing with you this new dish. Well for me it is new, I do not know how many of you have already tried it. So here it goes;

Picture taken from internet for illustration Purpose
Picture taken from internet for illustration Purpose

For Noodles;

  1. Poach maggie until it gets soft
  2. Shift Maggie on sieve and wait until remaining water is removed
  3. Take a pan
  4. Put Olive oil
  5. Take maggie and stir it
  6. Sprinkle chili flakes, oregano and a little salt on it


  1. Take two eggs
  2. Break and whisk them properly
  3. Add black pepper, and salt and whisk it again
  4. Take a flat pan
  5. Add butter
  6. Spread it all over the pan
  7. Pour egg batter and spread it
  8. Cook omelet from both the sides


  1. Take a plate
  2. Keep Noodles on it
  3. Place omelet on turner
  4. Put it on Noodles
  5. And serve it with hot tea

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