Bread Omelet – Flavors of limited spices

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  1. 3 eggs
  2. One green chilli (chopped)
  3. One small Onion (chopped in small pieces)
  4. Black pepper
  5. Salt according to taste
  6. 4 Breads
  7. Oil/ Butter


  1. Whisk eggs and add all the ingredients in one bowl, whisk again
  2. Take a Pan
  3. Add Oil/ Butter
  4. Spread it all over the pan
  5. Add Batter and spread it all over the Pan
  6. Cook it on medium heat
  7. Put breads on the top of the omelet and turn it
  8. Cook it until all the breads get crispy


  1. Divide omelet in 4 equal pieces containing bread and place them in bowl or plate
  2. Serve it with orange or mango juice

You can add more spices to your omelet, the reason I have added only two because I wanted to follow the saying by a chef (I heard on TV) that, “your recipe should not contain more than three spices –adding limited spices helps you enjoy all the flavors of the recipe.”

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  1. Totally agree with the less spice theory. Plus salt and pepper are enough to bring out the beautiful egg flavor. 🙂

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