Being in A Job is Not Easier Either

Housewives, who curse their fate not being in a job, must read this.
A man giving 8 hours to his job is working on a same project since years. And when he thinks that project or task is over, from the grace of testers or the client it comes either as an error or a change request.
After 5 years of experience with my IT friends, I got to know that their life is not much different than the housewives. Men are doing the same module; women repeat the daily chores. Men get screwed by their bosses; women get screwed by their own people. Men have no salary hike hope; women do not even get any. Men flatter person above them for the survival; women pretend to be social with the community to be known as well-mannered. Men must give maximum presence throughout the year; women have no holiday provision. Codes being rejected are beyond sufferance; women are still calm when their food is rejected.
If we make a glance to both the worlds, none of these are easier. So respect a man when he comes home after a hectic schedule as he has given his dignity for stake to fulfill your needs. And respect a woman as she has sacrificed her career and life to cultivate a family and revive your life.

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