Heart disease in women is growing fast

क्या आप जानती हैं पुरुषों से ज्यादा महिलाएं हो रही ह्रदय रोग का शिकार-वर्ल्ड हार्ट डे स्पेशल

पुरुषों से ज्यादा महिलाएं हो रही ह्रदय रोग का शिकार वे कई बार ये जान नहीं पाती की उन्हें हार्ट अटैक आया है   परिवार की महिला जिन पर अपने परिवार के हर व्यक्ति की देखभाल का जिम्मा होता है, वे खुद अपनी देखभाल में हमेशा पीछे ही रहती हैं।  लेकिन ये लापरवाही अब उनकी जान […]

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Every Woman Has A Chapter, What Is Yours

Celebrating womanhood by featuring their stories. A community for those who are not afraid of telling the truth. Women across the globe are welcome to share their “Success in Making” stories or success stories. We will feature you no matter how far you have reached with your hard work, no matter whether you have found […]

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Kyun hain hum banna chahte, Kisi purush ke jaisa-Khushboo

Adjustments ki ummeed na Karna, modern ho gayi hu me Bore ho rahi hun, kathor ho rahi hun Sochte sochte kamzor ho rahi hun. Earn kar rahi hun, spend kar rahi hun Time ke Recycle bin me store ho rahi hun. Duniya meri badi hi seemit, khud mein hun vikhyaat si jhuthi tareefon se khush […]

Khushboo Avtani

I Am Sure I Do Not Want Attention, But I Cannot Compromise On My Importance-Khushboo Avtani

As we all accept the fact that no one is born extraordinary. We all take birth with same physical attributes and exhibit similar habits as we grow up. While obeying alike biological development we tend to evolve differently  according to the different circumstances we are exposed to. Depending on varied ecological and social niche we […]