Age 29 and she already owns an art studio. Can you be the next Tejashree?

Tejashree Satej Khanvilkar, a self taught Artist from Pune, Maharashtra, is an engineer by profession and artist by heart. She is a Director at “Tejashree Creations”. After working as a professor for 2 years, she associated with many event management activities and a few NGOs which work for a social cause. She says, “Though I haven’t taken any art education but since childhood I always loved colors.”

Freelance artist and Director at “Tejashree creations”

In our candid chat she revealed more about her life from being an Engineer to an Artist.

Betingle: Start from the beginning, how it all started?

Tejashree: Like any other parents, my folks wanted me to become a service person, who works on a fixed salary only to secure the future. And like any other obedient child I decided to fulfill their dream. Besides chasing what they wished from me, I’d always manage to save some time for practicing drawing and paintings. Despite of all the obstacles, especially exams and interview preparation, I kept the passion alive in me. My late great grandfather has his own art studio in Baroda, Gujarat who himself was one of the finest portrait artists of his generation. His paintings inspired me a lot in my childhood. Brushing on the canvas by blending colors helped me release stress and gave me strength. It actually helped me cope with the engineering stress.

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Betingle: Every parent wants good for its child. But did this force of education affected you academic scores?

Tejashree: Like any other child of late 90’s (laughs) my entire education was against my wish. Yeah, that is true. But my parents were looking for a fixed and reliable source of income so that I could stand on my feet and make something good out of myself. I knew that and made my parents proud by scoring good marks. But whenever got chance, I’d practice painting in a corner by calling it a hobby or time-pass.

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Betingle: So how did these painting exhibitions happened?

Tejashree: By scoring good in engineering graduation, I finally proved my parents that I will do something good in the field of engineering. I took a time out of my so called logical career and started exhibiting my painting works. I did not expect that my work will gain this success. Looking at my dedication and efforts, even my parents started supporting me as they eventually by this time now realized that painting was the only thing which gave me immense happiness and confidence.

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Betingle: And the rest is history? We all know how happy and successful you are now? What do you have to say on this?

Tejashree: After finding solace in what I am currently doing, I finally quit my teaching job in 2016. I have started a small Art Institute in Pune with name ‘Tejashree Creations‘. Quitting highly paid job and starting from the scratch did not do well with my family. It is very hard to make people believe that nothing can bring happiness in your life but following the passion. Money cannot buy everything. You may buy everything on this earth but happiness only comes when you are actually satisfied from inside. I had decided to live my life the way I wanted. Although, it took a little time to explain to my parents that how important it was to follow my passion.

Betingle: Let’s talk about your institute now.

Tejashree: In my art institute, I guide all the upcoming self taught artists coming from different backgrounds like CA, Architects students, IT sector employees, college students, house wife and many others. We also do various Art Exhibitions for charity cause and donate all the proceedings of the exhibition to the old age home and orphanage for which I am working since year 2008.

I have trained more than 450+ students till date and would continue my journey of giving Art knowledge for the rest of my life. I am determined to make people understand that ART is a major part of their lives and it should not be considered as a hobby. I have exhibited my artworks in Various art galleries all over nation and Dubai as well. My paintings express my inner soul emotions and I love doing conceptual paintings a lot which depict the social issues of our society.

Betingle: Talking to which, what kind of paintings interest you the most?

Tejashree: I try my hands in all types and in all mediums. I try to learn and upgrade myself as much as I can. Working on landscape and nature paintings as they symbolize the beauty and peace created by God Almighty is what I like the most. Nature and trees have always influenced me the most. I can easily visualize them and paint my thoughts on canvas. I love doing portraits in oil pastels and acrylic paints. My paintings include collection of different types like – Miniature painting, landscape, portraits, abstract, 3D texture paintings etc.

Betingle: Where do you see yourself in the coming future?

Tejashree: My team is planning to start an Art school in coming years for those who have the passion to learn and visualize their thoughts and put it on canvas. Just a proper guidance and encouragement for them can do wonders and I am determined to bring the talented artist in front of the world who will prove that art is something which can be learned by anyone.

Betingle: Your last words for the readers and aspiring artists.

Tejashree: As per my views. an artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision! So, whenever you buy a painting, try looking through the eyes and perspective of the artist.

Tejashree Satej Khanvilkar, provides customized handmade paintings and also designs groundbreaking interiors. To know more, visit the website,

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