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Himani Khanna is an author, blogger and columnist.

Her debut book is an ebook, I AM YOU-a father daughter tale, which tells a story about teenage girl who dreams to make her father proud by pursuing music. You can find her book here or on Amazon.

16640638_761771357306876_3488480768997946565_nHer blog is a place to share her daily instances with the readers. Be it a good food, or a place or a moment, she puts her thoughts in a creative way and shares with the readers.

She has a weekly column in Royal Harbinger where she mostly talks about relationship issues that concern teen age girls and grown women. To read her past and latest columns, visit here.

She took a bold decision in 2014 by quitting her  IT job and started focusing on her writing career.She takes freelancing creative content writer projects and writes for several digital marketing companies, including global clients, mostly based in USA and Australia.

Her hobbies are trying out delicious highway and street foods and travel whenever pocket allows. She keeps trying various restaurants every week and writes the reviews.

Hope you will love her posts.

Contact details:

Chat and Email Id:


Skype: himani.pandya85 (skype)

Twitter @instancesoflife

Instagram: authorhimanikhanna


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