Betingle is a blogging website where the team shares daily instances with the readers about different places, restaurants, and provides reviews for that. Here, you will find a variety of reading materials, including women’s issues, short stories, and columns as well. Here, the team puts all these things in a creative way among readers.

A collection of multiple short stories and story like “I am in like with you” will attach you with the characters of the story intensely. Other stories are also amazing. There is also one weekly column where you can find different articles regarding women’s issues, beauty tips, different places’ cuisine and more.

Book named, I am you, a father daughter tale runs around a father and daughter relation. The story is about teenage girl dreams to make her father proud by achieving success in music.

The Betingle team loves to try out appetizing highway and street foods and visiting different places whenever the budget allows. They try different restaurants every week and write the review to assist the readers.

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