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Why only few days a year?

Women should be celebrated everyday.

Let the world know that our respect for women is way beyond than just a day, be it Daughter’s Day, Mother’s Day or Women’s Day.

Let your Mom, Wife, Daughter and Special Friend know that she holds a very high position in your heart.

“For the Fabulous Female”

Betingle provides a platform to those who understand the true definition of term “Woman Empowerment”. Our website’s one and only goal is to celebrate the existence of womanhood. It aims to revive the little girl in woman once again. The girl, whose passion has lost but still exists somewhere. The girl, who dreamed of becoming something big once, but the burden of responsibilities (or priorities set by the society) suppressed her dreams which needs to grow again.

And Betingle wants to wing those dreams.

C’mon, revive the little girl in yourself by sharing the endowment you have got. Pen down everything and our editing team will take care of the rest.  Variety of pieces by the guest writers on sections such as Food, Travel, Social, Health & Beauty are being shared.


You can be the voice of amazing women around. If they can’t reach us, we should.

Do not limit yourself with the given sections. Share what you have in your heart and it will be published if we find it influencing.

To know more, visit Share your story section.

Friends! our team is really working hard to get the most informative and influential women oriented content for the world. If you think you have an influential story to share, please contact us on the below given email address with your latest good quality picture.

We are hiring writers.

Contact us on info@betingle.com

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About Betingle
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About Betingle
We celebrate womanhood by featuring their stories, because they are not afraid of telling the truth. Women across the globe are welcome to share "Success in Making" or success stories.
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