7 Valentine Cards To Melt Her Heart Yet Again

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What comes in our mind when we think about the month February? Marriages and Valentine’s Day-they both are symbols of love. As the 14th comes closer excitement increases. Many of us plan a surprise for our loved ones. No matter how much money we spend to make our partner feel special, but tears come out from their eyes only when they see the message on the card written by you. Every human on this earth wants to hear special. If done through a special handmade craft, even better.

It is a very special day and most of us confess unexpressed feelings on this day. We believe to make something special by ourselves for loved one. Most of us plan candle lit dinner, cook special food, go on a trip or vacation, buy some accessories or clothes.  Among all these, one common thing we do is buying ready love cards.  Do you want to pour your feelings by making card by yourself? Handmade cards add more aroma of love in your love life.

Here are some valentine’s gift card ideas to make your partner love you even more;

Make a beautiful handmade cards and DIY decoration to fill love in the air.  I have 7 influential valentine card and craft ideas which will force your love go on its knees. It shows how much we care.

Here, you go with the handmade cards and decoration ideas. They are easy, quick and give WOW feeling to your love.


  1. LED Handmade Card: Beautiful way to light up your feelings with LED cards. Just press on the button given inside the card to see the glow on your partner’s face.Here, you find few amazing LED card for your love.



  1. Quilling Handmade Card: Paper strips can turn into beautiful shapes and you can make beautiful cards from it. Below you can see amazing Valentine Cards made from paper strips. To make best use of it, create flower designs.


  1. Shaker Cards: Shaker card is in trend these days. We used to play such a game in childhood. Something like that, you can create cards. In which small hearts and small accessories will be filled inside the card and you shake it before your partner reads the message inside it.


  1. Crafted Cards – Most creative way to use stamp card paper and craft paper to design own choice of valentine card. You can have millions of way to design your own card in a simplest way.




  1. Hearts Hanging – Cut heart medium sized shapes from colorful craft paper and tie them each with different threads. Arrange those hanging in heart shape on wall with photos. Best way to express your love journey in a romantic way. Cherry on a cake is LED series you can arrange to have perfect environment.img_20151004_153707
  2. DIY Photo Box – Simplest and amazing way to write love messages with your favorite clicked pictures. One side, stick the photos and another side write the message which reminds you of the moment of click. That’s it.diy-photo-box
  3. Mason Jar Decoration: Take the most favorite picture and adjust in mason jar. Just pour vegetable oil inside to give vintage look. This is amazing way to keep this mason jar in a room for decoration.


Valentine’s day is around the corner. Let’s celebrate it with handmade cards and decorations. These handmade stuffs are perfect for a unique and kind gift. We will wait to know your experience about it. Enjoy your day.


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