Is Your Kid The Victim Of Binge Eating

Sakshi has a very bad habit. She does not know her son is a victim of overeating disease. She handles her Saree business from home and gets very busy during the evening time. She lives in a nuclear family with her husband who works in a multinational company. She is obsessed with the business and completely ignores her kid’s schedule. Looking at children is different thing and managing their day well is different. I once visited her shop and asked about Kishu (her 3 years old son). She told me that he is eating wafers and enjoying cartoons. I checked on some sarees. Her son came from behind and started playing. She immediately went into the kitchen and handed him another packet of chips.

He just finished one. I did not say anything and resume checking the stuff. When I was about to leave her son came again. She called her house maid and asked her to hand Kishu a packet of chip or a slice of cheese.

Many women claim to be good a mother but are they really. Giving children food to make them quiet is not a good thing. It gives you a moment of peace but irregular eating habit is affecting your children.

Children who chomp food at the irregular time interval have a reason;

  1. They are bored and are looking for some activity.
  2. Their brain is blocked and they fill its idleness with random packaged food item.
  3. They are not consuming enough water.
  4. They are stressed.

What are the consequences?

Overeating definitely affects your child’s growth and health. The stomach size of your baby is the same of its fist. It sends a wrong message to your child’s mind about how much their stomach wants. Even If they are not feeling hungry, after a particular time period they will crave for more food. Their brain sets up its mind that the body needs more food. Inadvertently, they eat more calories than required.

Major consequences of overeating;

  1. They gain excess weight, which might sound you chubby but it is not.
  2. Child gets in emotional distress and eats more and releases bad odours
  3. Electrolyte loses balance and body rejects the metabolism
  4. Many children at a very small age face health disorder
  5. Digestive system malfunctioning
  6. Acidity, oil level and organs start to affect
  7. Children lose concentration and focus

How to stop your kid from overeating?

It is not too late. Include these rules in your life and see the change;

  1. As far as possible, cook food at home.
  2. Say no to packaged food items.
  3. Include vegetables at least once in day
  4. Make a time table of meal and stick to it
  5. Indulge your kid into some activity
  6. Give them some time
  7. Go on a walk
  8. Ask them to consume more water

Anything new you start takes at least 21 days to become a habit. Do not lose hope if your goals fell slightly. Get up and try and keep trying until it becomes the habit. No mother on this earth is perfect. But that does not mean we stop trying to become one.

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