5 Reasons Why Manikarnika Teaser Gave Us Goosebumps

Kangana as Manikarnika

Manikarnika is one of those movies Indian audience is waiting since one year. Its release date got changed a couple of times due to several reasons, but still we are as excited as before. With the release of its teaser we are now confirmed that this Kangana Ranaut starer movie is  undoubtedly going to be a fun ride in theaters.

The movie is set to release in January 2019, 25th (hopefully this time) and we just can’t wait to see our Queen of bollywood in new avatar.

We just found 5 Reasons Why Manikarnika Teaser Gave Us Goosebumps;

Action Sequences & patriotism:

Manikarnika-Image posted on Instagram by Kangana

Kangana looked fierce in every scene especially she nailed the slow motion action scenes, and her roar “Har har mahadev” is what caught our eyes. Also, did you see the fire of patriotism in Kangana’s eyes while performing the high level actions scenes on war front.

You Cannot Miss The Costume Part:

Kangana as Manikarnika (Image Source)

When you go watch a period drama or movie costume plays an important role. The costume designer of Manikarnika is none other than Neeta Lulla. Also, we loved the braided hairstyle.

Amazing VFX:

Kangana as Manikarnika
Kangana as Manikarnika

Prime foucs has given the visual effects to the upcoming masterpiece of Kangana and the skills can be seen.

Background Score:

Film score plays important role to keep generating the excitement in audience (take movie Stree as an example). Next time when you watch the teaser of Manikarnika keeping background score in mind you will know what we mean.

The Shakti Roop:

Kangana as Manikarnika
Kangana as Manikarnika

Scenes where Knagana is leading the group of women soldiers, and the one where she sits on the throne (better call it The Lady Chair) holding son on her lap are our favorite moments.

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