5 Food Based Movies Every Foodie Must Watch

Movies on food releases every year and let me tell you this they are the best. One day I watched this fabulous movie and decided to watch all top food movies. I browsed internet, downloaded popular streaming media and asked friends to get the idea. If an individual is a foodie and has an interest in food movies show, gets amazing ideas for a variety of food items.
I have a good entrepreneur friend who started his business from food stall and launched his own restaurant. There are a number of examples that people get great success starting from just a small and now have exclusive restaurants. All you need to have a unique idea and creativity.

Top 5 food based movie.

So, here is a list of 5 top food movies, which every foodie should watch to succeed.

Julie and Julia-One of the most lovable movies. The story is about an earlier informer who exposing French cooking and brought it to American kitchens across in her typical brash fashion. The film achieved positive reviews from critics. A score of 75% with an average score of 6.5 out of 10 by a “Certified Fresh” ratings. In the movie, they documented the daily experience cooking each of the 524 recipes in a child’s mastering the Art of French cooking.

Chef-The movie goes around with a skilled chef who gets jaded after a dispute with the owner of the restaurant where he works and quits from there. He tries to live life with a new viewpoint and starts by opening up a sandwich focused food truck that aids him to find his sentiment for cooking, life and love once again he moves across America. Presentation of mouthwatering cuisine is the best part of the movie.

No reservation-The movie is focused on two types of 1) kitchen and 2) Heart. The kitchen works fine, with shots of mouthwatering food, arranged like organic still life. There are many beautiful things captured in a movie like Zeta-John is convincing as a short-tempered chef, Clarkson offsets on the tight wire a restaurant owner must walk and more.Burnt-An amazing movie is a tale of a young chef sentences to himself to discard a million oysters before returning to the world of great cuisine to eventually earn his third Michelin star. A great movie if you are interested in the creation of beautiful dining and competitive cooking among talented chefs.Hundred foot journey-If you are a foodie and love French cuisine, you must see this movie. Madame Mallory appreciates a cook not by their skills or knowledge, but how properly they make their food. From the tikkas and kababs to great French cuisine, this movie is a delight for your desires regarding food.


At last, From the above narration, you get an idea that every foodie should watch these 5 movies to understand what cooking industry is all about.

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