5 Amazing Crafts Every Mother Must Try With Kids

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How many of you-house makers, feel bored in the afternoon. Once the meal is ready, and husband and kids are gone to their work, you always crave to do something but what? Let’s check out these 5 amazing craft ideas you will fall in love with.
There is no wonder afternoons are the most boring time, especially when you are at home. I shifted to a new place and took break from my career and was at home for almost 1 year. In the beginning, I enjoyed my free time but gradually I yearned to do something productive. I started taking morning walks and made new friends; we still catch up every morning and share our stories. Most of the times we all end up talking about, “how to make spare time productive?”

This small artiste in me always wanted to give my dreams some action. In school time, Arts and Crafts were my favorite subjects. I and my girl gang would win every craft challenge. I recalled my teenage years and shared those ideas with my morning friends. We collected basic stuffs needed for the crafting. Most of the items were found at our home only.

Do you know there are millions of creative ideas that help mothers stay busy by making cool stuff to decorate kid’s room and finish school projects?

Let’s learn a few of them;

Origami – Japanese art:  Creative way to fold paper and make different shapes.  ORI means ‘to fold’ and KAMI means ‘paper’. This is an amazing paper-folding art. There is one origami we used to do in our childhood, it was paper boat. Now you remember. Is not it easy to do? Every age of person loves to do origami shapes.

There are amazing different shapes we can make not just for fun but also for some use, like bookmarking, pen stand, tealight candle holder and birthday decoration stuffs too.
See the image below which gives different origami ideas. I made it recently at home.



Quilling – Art of Paper Strips: Quilling is another art of paper strips. This is beautiful and uncommon way to make handmade stuff at home. Items made by using this skill leave guests amazed.  This is the art of rolling, twisting, curling paper strips to make beautiful shapes, which you can use for greeting cards, photo frame, wall clock and Jewelry. The most beautiful method is to make 3D miniatures and abstract art.

Check out, some real cool stuff made by me for my close friends.



Washi Tape: I just love to use colorful and printed tapes for making cards and decoration items. Very impressive way to use washi tape is to wrap around a pencil to make it attractive as kids like to have. You can give a new look to your key or use my favorite way by wrapping it around the tealight candle to make it WOW.

Since, washi tapes are high in demand these days you can find them easily in the market.


Bottle Decoration: Most of us just throw away bottles after drinking. But it can make your home stylish and attractive easily. Flower Vase and candle holder are the best way to reuse bottle which can easily take right place in your home. If you love to have some dull light in the room then you can organize LED series in these bottles. It will make your room cozy.



Reuse of Wastage: We highly support Digital India by doing online shopping. But what we do once the items arrive. We dump all boxes. I did not feel to throw them and got this idea.  I reused them by making stand for telephone, color pen organizer, toy box for kids and other cool stuff.

I have designed my leather headphone organizer from unwanted leather belt. You will not believe but this looks cool and easily available in the market with high price. Money saver, is not it?

These ideas can save your money and make your house the best place to live. All these DIY ideas keep you and your kids busy as well as they enjoy doing new things. If you are craft lover like me, you can start earning by selling handmade stuffs.

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