Silver Lining Through The Dark Clouds

“ I told you not to continue work, but you never listen to me.”-I burst with anger and worry as I picked Angie from office. Her HR called me and asked to pick her as she suddenly felt dizzy and started vomiting. By now her colleagues knew well about her condition. Her family and I had asked Angie to drop the idea to continue the work but she wanted to complete her notice period.

It is not too late yet, as doctors were saying, only if she takes proper medication and check-ups. Angie took that all lightly which made us angry and disappointed.

“From this time on we will not take your excuses.”-I bashed as she was lying on the hospital bed smiling at me.

“Do not you dare to smile.”-I pointed finger at her face with a firm voice. Suddenly smile from her face disappeared.

It took us whole day in the hospital. Doctors made necessary tests and handed us prescription list. He also mentioned the date of surgery to be done. He instructed us to come a day prior the surgery.

“I have called Angie’s mother. I think she must be aware of everything. Plus, I do not have enough funds to help my dearest friend with the hospital fees, I will do anything to be with her in this tough time though.”-My voice was shivering as my eyes got wet with mere a fear of losing my angel. I also told Rey on phone that I will not look at blog for a quite period of time which he understood well. That day he spoke less and listened to me by heart. I kept talking about our friendship and little moments. I told him how we watch our favourite shows whole night and feed our stomach with a bowl of popcorn with mini tea breaks in between. I told him about how desperately she enquires about every boy I meet on internet and plans the wedding based on the culture of the country that boy belongs to. Rey listened to me whole night. I did not realise when I slept.

Angie resigned and was on a complete rest. Her mother had also arrived. Days passed, the surgery day was yet to come. In this period, we saw many sides of Angie, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, sometimes she would forget things and we had to remind her. Suddenly our happy apartment converted into a world of sorrows. Aunt would keep talking about Angie’s childhood days and her notorious behaviours. Her eyes would get wet sometimes while sharing the memories. Rey would come and meet whenever he got time. His humour would add the fun in the sadness which was the only good thing.

Finally, the day of surgery came. Two days before surgery I went to doctor to confirm the procedures and other formalities. He said that they consulted the case with their seniors and they wanted to go with radiation therapy in Angie’s case. They hoped that that plan would work and I wished the same.

Angie was hospitalized. Every second felt like a tough exam to us. Rey took two days off from the job to make sure he manages everything outside the hospital formalities, like food, medicines, etc.

Next day they took Angie inside. Aunt started to pray for her only child and stopped only when the doctors came out. Our eyes and ears were expecting a good news at that moment.

“One cannot say anything in just one session. It takes time, it will require a few more sessions. However, we are positive about this.”

When he said, we are positive about this, it raised hopes, a silver lining through the dark clouds. At that moment I wanted to grab the doctor so tight and kiss him right on his lips. Of course we are positive, there is not doubt in that that she will enjoy her life to the fullest. I thought. I smiled and thanked doctor for his words. I looked at Aunt and gave her a gentle hug. While hugging her I raised my head slightly up and saw Rey watching me from a distance. He opened his arms, made a pitied face, and pouted like an innocent child as if begging me to hold him tight in my arms. I moved my lips to say shut up which he easily understood and came back to normal gesture with a smile. I looked at Aunt and kissed her on the forehead.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, Angie was recovering and according to doctor she had fight the disease bravely. Thank god for my freelance career, I could be with her all the time. Aunt took the charge into kitchen to feed us with some delicious food. For a few weeks we reduced the restaurant business in our area. Rey would come every weekend to meet us. Even aunt got the idea about our chemistry but never spoke. She made me comfortable with this. My parents would talk to aunt and Angie on regular basis and pray for her healthy future. Today, from a corner I see a beautiful picture, Angie is resting on bed talking with Rey. She suddenly laughs when Rey cracks a joke about me, they both look at me and sound of laughter increases. I see Aunt talking to my mother appreciating my friendship skills and praying for my best future. I see outside from the window, there are no more dark clouds, neither it is raining. Everything is so clear, fresh and soothing. No matter how annoying sometimes my surrounding gets, but I am graced with a good luck,  I think.

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