“I got it, I got it, I got it”-I ran towards the main door to open the gate for Angie. Reyansh and I shaped our blog and published our very first post on famous eateries in Delhi. It took us whole night to re-design it, editing pictures, adding tags and many other things. We discussed about catchy titles for the future blogs and the theme to stick forever. We made an Instagram account with the name @bhukhe and named the same to our blog. Reyansh created my account on Zomato to start posting the blog. All I had to do is to write a restaurant review on my blog and link the Zomato spoon to it. We hoped for the best. As I heard the door bell I rushed to open it.

“I knew it was you.”-I jumped in joy as I saw Angie. She hugged me with the same joy and shouted, “Finally, something happened between you and Rey.”- she gave a nick name to Rey by herself. As she said that my face turned pale. My eyes stuck on hers. I experienced a sudden land slide from my feet. I closed my eyes in fear of facing Rey and clinched my lips with teeth. Angie’s face was covered with mine, hence, she could not notice Rey was there. She tilted her face and saw him sitting on the couch waving hand to her. Obviously he heard everything, Angie was loud enough to let neighbors know what she said. She went poker as she saw Rey and then looked at me. I saw her with anger and moved my lips, “You are a dead meat.” She immediately moved to Rey and started clarifying things.

“I thought she is so happy, there must have something happened and she was happy and I am repeating the same line..I am sorry please do not hate me.?”-She stood up, picked her bag and started to leave the house. I was still standing shocked and scared to face Rey.

“Actually, not only Dollu but we both are happy as we have done some really amazing things last night.”-Angie’s jaw dropped as she turned her faced towards me facing her back to Rey. He could not see her face neither mine. We both looked at each other in amaze.

“I am talking about the things we done on our blog.”-He cleared.

I took a sigh of relief and Angie turned her face towards Rey and passed a friendly smile.

“Since, the doubt is clear can we have coffee? Anybody? And Dollu you can move, no need to feel mortified.”-he tried to comfort us.

I turned slowly with my eyes stuck on the floor and started moving towards the kitchen to prepare the coffee and tea. I preferred tea over coffee in the mornings.”

Rey had left. I chased Angie around the apartment but failed. I threw almost everything at her to make sure at least something hits her. She kept calling for help all the time as she knew I was serious this time.

“You know what? Someone had to raise the topic. You both are coward when it comes to love”-I threw another pillow as she finished saying.

“You just get ready and leave for the office.”-I said with big eyes.

“I am taking leave, PL.”-she said and fell on the bed to make herself comfortable.

“Ya, whatever.”-I sat on the floor resting my back on the couch and started reading ‘The Alchemist’.

“You did not even kiss or hugged.”-she asked.

I removed my eyes from the book and looked at her. This time I did not threw attitude.

“Actually I hugged him. The moment I realized it is Rey on the door I could not stop myself from hugging him. I could sense the same amount of affection coming from him. That’s all.”-I looked at the frame on wall which had heart painted with crimson color.

Angie looked at me with one eye hidden in the pillow and passed smile. Even though I was looking at the frame I could tell the reaction of Angie.

There was a silence for a while and we returned to our normal senses. I started reading the book and Angie went to sleep.

“Open your blog”-Rey called me after 5 days. The weekday was hectic for both of us. I had to finish several articles for my clients and he had a serious campaign going for one Germany based client.

“Now what changes do you want me to make?”-I was getting irritated.

“Scroll down on the post and see the comment and like section. I did the same and jumped in joy. There were 5 likes and 1 comment.

“Oh my god, we did it.”-I said.

“Do not get excited, we have just started. It has been a week and we do not have anything to post. More than likes and comments we are craving for the loyal followers. What about the Instagram posts, we had a deal to post at least one picture a day of food or related to that theme.”-Reyansh shook indirectly to make me realize that I was not taking the blog thing seriously. He was right, I focused on my freelance work this entire week.

“I will post something today and write another post as well.”-I confirmed.

“Not something, you will have to come up with the best. Check your email ID, I have sent you some examples of food best Instagram accounts. Study what they post. Also write catchy lines with the post and do not forget to hashtag the  eatery you take picture from.”-Rey gave me enough task for the weekend. I got the idea, it was going to be a busy weekend.

“An why did I call you to tell this news on comments and likes, do not you check your emails? Configure this account on your mobile to get the updates.”- his voice was firm. I could only say Ok.

We hung up. I finished my liabilities for the client, packed my bag with laptop and camera and hit the road.

The weekend schedule included following tasks, one restaurant review, 7 pictures for the entire week so that I do not have to click each day and one blog post on 5 best cup cake stores in South Delhi.

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