Sharing Affection And Comfort

I hugged him tightly, tears rolled out of my eyes as I saw him.
“I would want to hug you with the same passion honey only if these take out orders were not in my hands.”-he joked.
I stepped back slowly and laughed on his silly joke.
“Who told you about me?”
“Well! Angie called me that your phone is switched off, as she tried to call you several times. She was worried that whether you have eaten or not, as she takes care of evening meal. She requested me to look after you while she is staying with her friend and also told me that you are afraid of darkness.”-he turned on his mobile torch, started plating the dishes and kept my phone on charging by plugging his power bank.
I thanked Angie thousand times as Reyansh kept talking. She saved me from dying hungry. I checked out the plate. There were noodles, hot and sour soup, spring rolls, and coffee.
“What a great combination..soup and coffee”?-I sniffed by rolling my eyes.
“Well, I took this coffee for myself but as soon Angie called me I changed the plan and did not get time to throw it. If you are not that hungry we can start with spring rolls and coffee first and then later eat food.”-he said with a smile. I clasped my attitude and nodded for coffee.
I warmed the coffee, divided equally in two different disposable glasses, took the spring rolls plate to the balcony and sat on the floor. We grabbed facing corners to rest our heads and shoulders. We saw each for a while and passed a smile. I removed me eyes suddenly from his and started looking to the road. It was still raining. Our balcony was covered with the plastic celling sheet to prevent from rain water and sun. I saw again at Reyansh, a sudden lightning gave me a glance of his wet face and clothes. I looked carefully, he was rubbing his hands constantly. He took the coffee glass and placed it on his forehead.
“Oh I am extremely sorry, I did not notice that in the darkness.”- I stood up immediately to get the towel and a t-shirt of Angie’s which I thought might fit him. His mobile torch helped me find them both in just 5 minutes. Angie was tidy with her wardrobe, and I liked that quality in her.
I handed him the towel and asked to change the t-shirt. Unfortunately, I had nothing to offer in the replacement of his jeans. I showed him the way to bathroom and sat with my coffee again.
I liked that night, chilling yet different. I missed Angie though but Reyansh was a good company too. I put one whole hot spring roll in my mouth and closed my eyes as the flavors burst. Thousands of angels started singing at my back with violin and flute. Reyansh interrupted my meeting with angels by arriving their in his boxer and the t-shirt I offered. I looked at his boxers again and they were long enough to save me from getting uncomfortable.
He sat with his coffee and spring roll.
“So have your mom searched a good guy for you?”
“What? Why?..I mean where did that come from?-I laughed and shied at the same time. God please do not make this the night where we talk about our Rajasthan trip. I said to myself.
“She hated me that day.”-He said as he sipped the coffee.
“She does the same with every man I meet. She thinks I will search someone on my own and get married without notifying my family. She is always suspicious about me. You know typical moms.”-I closed the matter.
“Why is she so suspicious about you? Have you done something in past to give her enough reasons to doubt on you?”
Well, only I thought the topic was closed, he refused it with an open-ended question.
“NO.”-I said it firmly to realize him that he is crossing the border.
He looked at me as if he was not satisfied with my answer then removed his eyes from mine to look the people still struggling in rain to get a taxi.
There was no way I was telling him that why my mother was so suspicious about me. I should not have said that word in the first place. There are a few things you do not share with everybody, even if you consider them your closed ones.
“You tell me about yourself. You know about me enough. My family, my cousins, my best friend, my blog and now you know I am afraid of darkness. What about you? I only know you work in a company for which I once worked.
“I am from Delhi. My parents live in Chanakya Puri. But I live with my friends.
“That’s strange why would anyone live outside when they have a home.”
“We are boys Dollu, there is no time when we come home, and plus as a son after certain age your equation with you father changes. I started taking care of rationing, electricity bills at my home as it is my responsibility towards them. But my father does not want to take my money and I could not live on their expenses anymore. Still I am close enough to reach them anytime they want me. And yes, as on to the matter of other family members, I am the only child.”-he gave me enough information to like him even more, except long nights outside the house.
“What did you mean when you said there is no time when we come home?”-I got curious.
“Yes, I drink. That is what you wanted to know right?”-he smile and stood up.
“What happened?”-I thought I made him angry with this personal question.
“I am hungry now. Want to join me, Miss?”
“of course, that’s what I live for-FOOD”-I jumped on my feet to follow him.
In darkness, a simple chat with coffee in hands can unwind you completely. I liked that night. It just get started.



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