Someone You Never Want To Lose

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I and Angie were at our house in Delhi. I offered her a cup of tea and sat beside her on the bed. She was resting her back on the headboard and looking towards the front wall. I looked at her with blank expressions and gave her some time to speak. I looked down the flooring and started playing with my flip flops.
“I went for an ultra-sound as mentioned in the tests.”
“Yes! I read it. But believe me i did not know what that stands for. You know clearly how bad I am when it comes to Medical and Science.”
“Of course you did not know. Otherwise you would have never left me and agreed on going to Rajasthan. The moment you gave me the tests, I read it and understood that I should send you as soon as possible. I was afraid that if the test reports come positive you would be in pain.”
“That is why you were so eager to send me to Rajasthan. Oh God! How did not I realize? I am sorry Angie for not reading your mind.”
We hugged each other.
“How is everything going with Reyansh. Do not ignore him. At least talk.”
“You will not believe how desperately I want to call him but I do not have enough courage. The moment I think of calling him I get speech anxiety. I do not know what would I say. There are many questions and concerns wander in my brain when I think of calling him. I cannot even count.”
“Then do not count. Just call him and you will get answers to all your questions and solutions to all your concerns. It is just a matter of one call and everything will be fine. Believe me.”
I looked at her. I could not believe how can she think of my life when she has such a big mountain in front of her. God has graced me with the best gift possible in this life and it is Angie, I thought in my mind. I smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead.
“Now go to some rest I will clean the kitchen and finish my contents. Clients are waiting for me as wolves.”-I collected tea cup from her hand and left.
“I cannot be selfish Angie. Even after all that I cannot think of calling him about the blog. I am not selfish. And I can run my blog. It is just that I never payed attention to it. Reyansh just pushed me to work towards it, that is it. I do not want to give him importance.”-We finally talked about what was stuck somewhere between Rajasthan and Angie’s health.
“I do not think you can achieve this alone. You always needed a push. And he is doing the best thing by helping you. No actually, he is an anchor.”-Angie said while applying coconut oil on my head.
Angie’s spoke the truth which hurt me like a needle on the cheek. I was hurt to know that I cannot achieve things without a support. But she was right.
“I think you should call him.”-she said.
“What do you think? Do not I want to talk to him? But imagine how it would look to asking a man to help who will only get strict professional relationship from me and nothing beyond that. I cannot be selfish and think about my happiness.”
“You are not only the selfish one. He will get to meet you often and hear your voice.”-she winked.
“Shut up.”-I sniffed.
That same afternoon I got a call from Reyansh. I stared at the screen for a moment and tried to hide my smile but eyes told the truth.
I picked up the call finally.
“When can I expect that eatery blog?”-Reyansh seemed cool; to my surprise.
“Umm..I will go tomorrow and find something to write.”-I replied.
“Alright then, before we meet this weekend, send me the draft. I will look the scope of promotion. And yes do not forget to take lots of good pictures.”-he said.
“Ok, I will. Umm..Reyansh? Are you ok?”-I asked.
“Of course I am. What makes you think that I am not?”-he replied.
“Nothing, just like that. Ok then let me send you the draft by tomorrow night.”
We exchanged goodbyes on the phone and hung up.
“OMG! he called me. I cannot believe that.”-as I hung up the phone I started to jump on the couch.
Angie kept looking at me calmly while enjoying the mix jam on her pointing finger.
“So what a big deal? I called him. You thought he should call. He thought you should call. I thought its better I call him and tell about your dilemma.”-she cast her finger in the box and pulled out a lot of Jam and ate it.
“You did what?”-I suddenly jumped off the couch and picked cushion to hit her.
I chased for minutes and we finally lied on the floor. It took us a moment to collect our breathes and look at each other and then burst into laugh.

The very next day, early in the morning, I collected my camera, laptop and recorder and left the house. Fom cupcakes to beverages to snacks, I tasted every item until I fall sick. For more than 6 hours I worked really hard to record the interviews I made with the eatery owners. I was all alone and enjoyed my company to the fullest. As soon I reached home I headed towards the bed and immediately went to sleep. I woke up somewhere around 2 in the midnight and could not send me to bed again, so opened my laptop and started writing. I copied the images to laptop from camera and edited as required. One of my cousins, who also is a very good photographer, once told me that I have a fair chance of becoming a good photographer. Though, it was not my passion. But writing, I cannot live without it. I think I have mentioed it somewhere in this book before.

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