Talking Through Eyes

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“What are you doing here?”-My eyes popped out seeing Reyansh in front of me. I looked around; the guests were still to arrive. “Thank God, no one has seen us.”-I thought in my mind. The function had not started. I grabbed Reyansh’s shoulder and dragged him towards the corner where no one could see us. Reyansh agaze me. I was wearing peach color Lehenga, with matching peach dupatta. I chose to wear heavy accessories for the night, big gold polish metal jhumki with gold polish bangles, 4 sets in each hand. As I dragged him to the corner, the sound of my ‘Payal’ could easily be heard. Fuschia colored lipstick enhanced the glow of my face. I could tell this because I had a fair face and I never required foundation or any make up. I always used to put a lipstick to enhance the glow. That is it.
His eyes were glued on mine. I snapped my fingers in front of his eyes to wake him up from the dream. He came in senses and looked to and fro.
“Have you gone insane? If my mother sees you with me, she will throw thousand questions on me. Leave right now? And how did you manage to come here so fast.”
“I took flight of 5:15.”-he cleared.
“ you have invited your friends as well? Welcome beta?”-I heard bhua’s voice from behind and turned out of fear.
“I am dollu’s bhua? You…?”
“Hello Aunt, I am Reyansh, Dollu’s colleague.”-Reyansh joined his hand in respect.
I closed my eyes tightly to avoid the eye contact with bhua, then opened it and looked at the other direction as if I had not heard anything. I tried to be as normal and calm as possible.
“Ok beta, enjoy the evening.”-she nodded.
When she left, I turned to Reyansh and asked him to leave immediately.
“Cheerios to Rajasthani welcomeness, you did not even asked if I am thirsty or hungry.”-he threw his hands in air and turned to leave.
I did not like seeing him leaving. I wanted him to be my side in this boring function. An unused part of my head wanted to stop him. I was being idiot, but yes I wanted him to stay. We only chatted a few times and met only once, but there was something between us which I liked. I do not know if Reyansh thought the same way but I had started feeling something sweet. I opened my mouth to stop him and closed it immediately. I did not want to give him any wrong impression as he was the only hope to get those sky soaring results for my blog. I turned back and started walking.
“Hey dollu? Mom said we have one guest from Delhi as well. Where is he?”-Raghav, Meenie’s younger brother came and asked for Reyansh. I found an excuse to stop him, I turned and looked at him leaving the venue. I kept staring at him but could not call his name loudly. My professional mind did not allow me. Raghav looked at my eyes and then the person walking towards the exit gate. He ran and kept his hand on Reyansh’s shoulder.
Reyansh kept staring at me while I was serving his plate. I looked at him for 2 seconds and immediately removed my eyes from him. He was standing next to me.
“Sorry, I should have asked you for food. You must be hungry.” –I talked while offering him the plate.
“That’s ok.”-that is all he said. He was still looking at me.
“Come I will show you the way where my cousin brothers are sitting. They will give you a good company. I have to go to my mother. She must be going crazy. She wants me to meet some people”
“Are you serious? Do you really want to get married?”
“Of course not, but she will bombard if I do not meet people at least. And if she sees me spending larger amount of time with you who knows she will make us sit in the ‘Mandap’ tomorrow. ”-I laughed and looked at his eyes. He looked at mine astonishingly. At the same time there was a spark in his eyes which made me realized how idiot of me to say something like that so conveniently. I removed my eyes immediately from his and showed him the way to my cousins. I cursed my humor.
“Who is that guy you were chatting a lot.”-my mother started inquiring.
“He is my colleague. I invited the whole staff but he took the formal invitation seriously.”-I laughed. It was a lie to settle the heat.
“Stay away from him. Two people have already asked me about him if he is my son-in-law.”
“Mom please? Stop nonsense.”
“What please? Do you want me to say ‘Stop nonsense’ to all these people inquiring about you both.”-she flashed her palm in front of my face to make the expression more alive. People who know me have told me that I have a good sense of humor. Perhaps, I have inherited this from my mom.
We met families and friends one by one. To ensure Reyansh is not alone I would look at him intermissive who was standing with my cousin brothers and Chinu. Every time I saw him his eyes were on me as if saying do not meet them. That unused part of my brain wanted me to leave for Delhi with him.
I had food with my mother while meeting several other families. I was tired of answering the same questions again and again. What do you do? What are your hobbies? Blah blah blah. After finishing the food every one gathered towards the stage and took seats as the function was about to start.
I sat with my mother and looked around for Reyansh. I saw him near the DJ with my brother Chinu who was guiding the DJ with the songs. I could see he was bored. I wanted so hard to go there and give him company. I looked at my mom angrily who was enjoying the show while clapping hands. Thinking that she is busy in the show I tried to leave slowly. As I half stood up she grabbed my hand still seeing at the stage with a smiling face.
“Sit down.”-she pressed my hand tightly and drawn towards the chair. I looked at Reyansh who noticed everything from the distance. I had no other choice but to look at the performances. Since I had not reached earlier when the rehearsals were taking place I was not performing anything. I had told Meenie in advance during the Mehendi to do not force me to come to the stage. I have a stage fright and she knows it.
It was the time for the most important performance. Meenie and his husband were standing on the stage, taking their position and waiting for the DJ to start.
“You know when a girl looks most beautiful in her entire life?”
I saw to my left. It was Reyansh who came to sit with me. I looked at my mom who still was busy looking at the stage.
“On her wedding day.”-he said softly which made my heart pounding fast.
We starred for 3 seconds. I handled my emotions and begged him to leave by enlarging my eyes without saying any word. On the contrary, he grabbed my mother’s attention.
“Hello Aunt. I am Reyansh. By now you must have known who I am.”-Reyansh said with a smiling face.
I looked directly at the stage avoiding both the people who were to give me a heart attack that evening. Except me and my chair everything around me started rotating at a faster pace. I already had a headache due to alcohol. I started losing consciousness yet again and fainted.


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