Time To Meet The Folks

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“How does he look?”-I opened my eyes and saw Angies big fat face on mine with thick straight eyebrows. She never used brow pencil in her life, she never required.
“Oh my god! Are you ok? You need something?”-I was so worried. I jumped of the bed and went straight to the kitchen to make tea for her. “You please sit and order whatever you want.”
“I am fine…fine. Tell me about Reyansh, how does he look?”- Angie appeared normal. She seemed fit. All dressed up in casual red Palazzo and a white skinny knee length kurta accompanied with multicolor stall. It was not formal from any angle.
“Are you going to wear this in office? I am anyways not letting you go.”- I grabbed her shoulder and pulled the chair.
She sat on it and pulled me down, brought her face near mine, staring right into my eyes. “I am fine. I just had this severe head ach. I called you because your parents had called and told that you have put them in the block list. They said it is urgent.”-She stood up and moved towards the kitchen to make herself butter toast.
“Oh God, and I thought you were in pain like for many hours.”- I sat down on the floor with both the hands on my forehead, hair covering my face.
“Call them and we will discuss my case later. Right now I am leaving for parlor; this hospital smell should go out from my body.”-she took the purse, mobile in one hand, toast in other and left.
“And please pick up the phone darling if I call you. Who knows If I faint in the middle of the spa.”-She winked and shut the door.
“You should rest.”-I rang out but she did not notice.
“Hello Mom”-I called my mother hoping she does not have another Facebook ID or Whatsapp number of some random guy. Every time I receive a call from her, she either has to give me some guy’s number or email ID to take the initiative and start chatting. The worst part is that she calls Angie behind my back and asks her to match the kundalis, as if Angie’s computer degree needs my mom’s valuation check. No matter how intelligent and successful Angie is in her professional life, but if she cannot reply my mom within 5 minutes with the matchmaking result, the degree is useless. A year ago mom had arrived Delhi to meet me, and asked Angie to copy a few pictures of boys from the DVD, to which Angie said, “My notepad does not support DVD”. Her epic reply could give panic attack to the healthiest person on this earth, “Kya ukhad liya MCA kar ke fir.” She is hopeless sometimes. Angie’s years of hard work were rejected in seconds.
“Where the hell you have been?”-mom burst.
“What happened? My phone was dysfunctional.”-I lied.
“I had to remind you that reach before Monday, as all the customs will start from that day.”-I had no idea what she was talking about. Asking her to remind me would start altogether a new discussion on “tum esi kyun ho? But I had to find the reason why she was calling me on Monday.”
“Why?”- I asked with a heavy throat.
“Meenie??”-She said.
It took me 2 to 3 seconds to recall what my cousins were talking for more than 2 months over the whatsapp chat. I never paid attention to their chats and would delete them every night before going to bed to save that extra space on my phone. I love to keep my phone as clean as possible. Usually girls wait for their cousins or sisters to get married, but I was opposite. My mother had to remind me about my first cousin’s marriage on phone. “Oh Meenie, it is her marriage. I completely forgot.”- I closed my eyes and covered it with one hand while other was still on the phone.
“You are the first girl on this earth who is anti-social. You have to do nothing with the family and its business. Everybody is prepared here with what they will wear or gift Meenie, except you. Leave the gift, it is my and your father’s headache, but at least tell us if you have done the shopping yet. You can come a day earlier so that I can arrange something here and alter it according to your size. You have lots of ethnic wear lying from your college days, they still shine.”-my mother started lecturing.
“You do not have to worry at all about my dresses, I will arrange them. Plus, I will be there on Monday before customs start taking place.”-I lied again; I had nothing in my wardrobe other than casual wears. Anyways, I had no plan to visit Udaipur. No function could part me from Angie unless she is fit and healthy. Her tests were most important than any family function.
My mother kept talking on the phone, the last words I heard from her were…still shine.
“Mom I have to book the tickets and go shopping. Let me call you again. Bye”-Before she could say more, I hung. Of course it was a lie but I had to make sure she does not call again.
“I cannot leave you.”-In the evening Angie and I fell into fight. Anyways I was not working that day, so better invested my energy on convincing her, but all in vain. Angie was not in the mood to listen.
“Of course you can. You are not my mother. Just leave me alone for a while. I need space and this whole apartment free for some days.”
“Angie I am serious. Anyways marriages are not my cup of tea. It will be easier this time to convince my parents.”
“But I do not want you to stay here. You roam the streets. You flirt with random firangis online. You have no social life in India, especially in your hometown. Plus, I have never seen you wearing Indian Attire. And most importantly go and meet your parents. They miss you. I do not want them to miss you just because I need you here. Enough is enough, my parents live in Goa, due to distance I cannot visit them frequently. And do you know how expensive these flight tickets are these days. Your parents are just one night journey away, do not miss the opportunities to meet them. Go sit with your family and give them some time.”-Angie spoke everything in one breath, and sat on the bed with her point finger on the left side of the head and started massaging it.
“Are you ok?”
“of course I am? What will happen? I am just 26. You give me stress.”-Angie shouted I stepped back.
“They do not miss me, they want to hook me. It is like a rat trap. They do not want to send me back here unless I get married to a Delhi guy.”-I stepped ahead and sat near Angie to give her a gentle head massage.
Angie passed a smile, got up and moved to the balcony with her mobile and started moving her fingers on the phone screen.-I gave her space and lied down on the bed with eyes closed. I was happy to close the topic until…
“Done.”-After a few minutes Angie said.
“What done?”- I asked. My eyes were still closed.
“Your tickets. You are going”- She came inside the room, sat next to me and turned the screen on my face which showed the successful transaction receipt.
“Have you gone mad? Who will be here to look after you if you go in pain again? What about the tests? They must be done within this week only.”-Immediately I got up and screamed still looking at the screen to ensure she is not joking.
“I have many colleagues. I will call Sasha to stay with me. We have a good bonding. You do not worry I will manage. But please go and enjoy Big Fat Rajasthani Wedding. Wish I could come there and enjoy the wedding. I have heard they serve good food in the wedding receptions.”-now she lied on the bed with legs crossed, knees resting on the top.
I kept staring her worriedly.

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