Over Irani Tea And Muska Bun

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His sleek body, black t-shirt and camel color linen trouser confirms he has a good sense in dressing. Medium grown moustache and beard, and height around 6 make him look like a criminal. In spite of this, I could tell he has fair skin. Reyansh and I had decided to meet at Irani café which lies near his office and my former after office hours. As he came closer I noticed he has dark brown eyes. I kept looking at him with impudence eyes.
“What?”- He tapped his fingers and woke me.
Tall enough to win the heart of any girl, I believe.
“Nothing, how are you?”-I settled and behaved like a normal. I saw his pictures on Facebook but face-to-face he looked much handsome. I liked his presence.
“I am fine and hungry, and going to order something?”-he puts his Ray-ban on the table and settles.
“Sure, you must try Muska Bun here, they make it best.”-I am fond of eating, especially on the street and the pavement cafes. Guiding people about the famous eateries is another hobby after writing.
After placing the order we got into serious discussion about the future of the blog.
“See, there are many people running successful food blog. That does not mean we do not have chance. But since there is lot of competition we will have to approach target through unique style.”
He took me through some famous videos. Thanks to Smartphone and 4G network.
“There are many successful cooking shows running on the internet, but this one on the YouTube channel getting famous at faster pace-Hebbar’s Kitchen. Do you know why?”
“No”-That’s all I could say. I was sitting in front of a team lead. I would look like an idiot if I counter questioned or put some opinion. I listened to him.
“It is because they give you recipe in the form of fast video. Audiences do not miss text when they get the information in the form of image or video. Graphics work faster than text.”
“But I am all about content.”-I kept my point.
“You post pictures on Facebook and there is a hope. They are really good. Do you know you have a photographer in you? You click good pictures. We can add content and original images together and bring out good stuff. Let me research and think over it. Meanwhile, you can pick some 20 best breakfast eateries in Delhi.”-he took a huge bite of bun while talking as if he was hungry since ages. He was not the first who talked while eating, I have the same talent. I never found it unrefined.
My phone rang. It was Angie.
“Definitely she wants to know about Reyansh. But I will tease her”-I thought in my mind and ignored her call. I turned phone on silent mode as she was calling repetitively.
I enjoyed his company on both the fronts, work and personal. I admired his eyes. I was not paying attention while he was speaking, though I was looking into his eyes which were gripping. After a while, I abstained myself and listened to him carefully. It was my blog and someone was giving his free time to it.
“I should be more careful in future. This is not the person I should flirt with. Online chatting life is different; this guy is giving his time for my betterment.”-I thought.
He kept talking, I kept talking and time flew. We spent more than 3 hours in the café.
“Can’t wait to hear stories? This is how I torture miss.”- I checked my phone; there were 30 missed calls from Angie.
“So, come up with some exciting eateries list and we will start exploring.”-Reyansh said while checking his wallet and clearing the bill.
“Exploring means? I often go to these places. I know what best they cook, why should I explore more?”- I put the phone in my bag and stood up to leave the café.
“You went there as a customer. Now go there as an explorer.”-he put his black Ray-ban which looked perfect on his face.
“You have a point. I can do this on weekend.”
“Perfect, we will discuss more on chat.”-We started our vehicles and bid goodbye.
“Open the door, mama is back.”-I was full prepared to bother her.
“Move your ass faster madam.”-After calling her name and ringing the bell several times, I opened the door with extra keys.
Angie was lying on the floor moaning with pain and both the hands on her head, unable to speak anything. I shook her and tried to settle her, but vain. Without any further delay, I called an emergency. There was no point calling the neighbors, it would be wastage of time. Seeing the condition of Angie, she required instant medication. She needed to get to get rid of the pain quicker. It took us 30 minutes to reach to the nearest hospital. I told the situation and was asked to wait outside the cabin. She was admitted.
“Your friend is resting. These are some tests you must do immediately and come to me. I have written the date of next appointment and informed the same to the reception people. They will guide you about the registration fees and other processes.”-One of the doctors came out of the cabin and calmed my anxiety.
“Is she ok? Can I take her home?”
“Of course you can. About health, I cannot speak now. Let her wake up. And do not forget the tests. They should be done within this week at least.”-he tapped my shoulder and left.
I waited for about 2 hours when nurse came outside and allowed me to go inside.
“I am so sorry Angie. How mean of me not to receive your calls? I should have known if someone is calling me constantly then there must be some reason. I am so stupid.”-Angie was smiling while I kissed her hands and forehead. I loved her as if she is my twin sister. A day without her was like a day without sun. I had almost lost her. I kept slapping my face to which she stopped and kissed my hands in return.
Later that night, at home, I made her bed and let her rest for the entire night. Though we had two beds in separate, but I ensured she gets whatever she needs in the middle of the night by sleeping next to her. I emailed my clients about the leaves I will be taking for a few days. I grabbed her hand and hold it tight so that I know whenever she is awake. I caressed her hair with other hand and went to sleep. First time in my career, I said NO to my clients and took off from the work. Angie was worth it.

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