He Who Gave Me A Ray Of Hope

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“So how does he look?”

“I have not seen him yet?”

“How did he sound?”

“We did not talk?”

I was cleaning the kitchen and Angie was sitting on the platform.

“So you chat with him for more than 3 hours and you did not hear his voice or ask for pictures?  Did not I teach you anything?”-she jumped and headed towards the refrigerator.

Angie could be a pain in ass sometimes. I made a mistake by telling her about my last night chat with Reyansh.  I expected she would talk about my blog, but opposite to that she kept asking about him.

“Angie I do not care how does he look or sound. He requested me to continue blogging, and I think I should continue it. All I want you to tell me whether I should do it or not.”

“Well, you do not need my permission.”-She sat on the sofa with a 500 ML box of dark chocolate cream.  I grabbed one spoon and sat beside Angie to take my share.

“Of course I do not, but I just want you to tell me whether it is going to be a good idea by giving a dedicated time to blogging or not.”

“I think you should.  You anyways sleep late at nights, and instead of chatting with random guys you can make good use of the time.”-Angie pulled the big scoop and filled her mouth.

“Can you leave some for me? And it is not wastage of time, I chat because I need some refreshment. Everyone needs that. Some do sex, some do cooking. I chat with random boys to unwind myself. I am not making any false promises. They know it is just for the fling.”-I grabbed the box and pulled big scoop.

“You can manage time, I know you. I think you should give it a try. At least you will be using your free time right.-she stripped the ice cream box from my hand and ran towards the door.

“In fact I want to know why this guy is helping you for no condition.”-she said and shut the door.

I saw her closing the door with the helpless eyes and smiled. I got back to kitchen to finish the cleaning.

May be she is giving me a hint. Why anyone would help you without any condition. He is in digital marketing field, he might have some clients for who he wants a writer and by helping me he can buy me. May be he wants me to write for free for his clients. Here we go, he is not helping me because he likes me. Boys will be boys.

“Hello Reyansh,

Thanks for mailing me. I have come up with the several ideas for my blog. I believe we will have chat regarding that soon. I also wanted to ask you something very straight. Are you sure you are not looking for any kind of professional or personal help from my end, because, I cannot digest the fact that you are helping me for no reason. God does not make such people anymore. I want you to be fairly honest with your answers.”



Oh, I hated to put that name after regards.


It was him. He was online.


“I read your email just now. What makes you think I will take advantage of you? You are a smart girl. I do not want to mess with a girl who has made many companies believe that she can deliver more than what permanent employees do. I will be honest. I like you and I will help you until the day I start hating you, and I do not see that day coming.”

No doubt Reyansh was leading a team of Digital Marketing experts. He was full of confidence and knew how to handle tricky questions and doubts.

“I have come up with this idea. I want to write about food. Not cooking but exploring eateries around Delhi and other cities.”

“That’s completely opposite to what you do.”

“What I do now is my job. It gives me money. But this is what I love to talk about the most.”

“But once you start this, make sure you have enough topics and content to keep this thing going.”

“What will happen if I jump on different topic?”

“The traffic will confuse. We need to focus on one type of traffic at one time.”

“Ok, I got it, but I feel food is what I will be writing for.”

“That’s great. I will search some good design for your blog meanwhile you can start writing one content and send me by tomorrow.”

“What is wrong with the current design?”

“That design is a Hindenburg.”

How can he call my blog a Hindenburg? He asked me for the credentials. It did not bother me, I had only one blog written.

Lesson number 2: When you are getting advices for free, do not pay attention to small criticism.

“One more thing, share the topic name before you start writing. I will suggest you with the best keywords and title.”

He seemed more interested in my blogging career than me. I loved it. Eventually it was my work getting done by the end of the day.

“7 must try snacks in Delhi before you die”

“Bravo, now I see someone is using experience here.”

“I have been into this field since 6 years. I know how to play well with content and title. You just help me with the marketing stuff.”-this time I bowled him.

It was not a perfect start but rejuvenating enough. It gave me a ray of hope to make my blogging career successful.

“Once I make this thing successful, I will leave writing for IT guys.”-I thought in my mind.

Later that night he referred some great blogging themes.  I was proficient in managing blog and themes. I picked one and started applying it. I had to re-arrange the content, widgets and lot many things to suit the theme. It took me 2 to 3 hours. I left my content in the mid way and went to sleep. I was satisfied at least my blog now looks decent. Reyansh was right my old blog theme was a disaster.


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