Talking Serious Business At Midnight

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“Oh she is asleep.”-I talked in my mind. I was too busy thinking, I did not realize she has fallen asleep a long ago.

After changing sleeping positions and sides I checked my mobile. There was a personal message on my FB, saying,


Before you make any speculations, let me tell you. I am one of your ex-colleagues from Excell services. Though you hardly came to our office, but since the day I saw you, the only reason for me coming to the office was to see you. The day I heard your contract is over I felt sad. I would not say that I am in love, but a friendly chat should not bother you. You might delete this message and ignore me, but I would really like to chat with you.

Can we chat? I am available on whatsapp (you can find my contact number in my signature).



At first I felt weird. I never received such message before. I read it again and deleted it.

Chatting with overseas friends and some informative articles helped me forget that email. It was 4 in the morning and there was no sleep in my eyes. Do not know what made me check the FB again. Perhaps, I never forgot that email. It never happened with me where someone unknown is sending me a private message like this. I checked my FB and there were no messages.

I checked FB profiles for a while and went to bed. Finally I was feeling sleepy. After few minutes I heard this FB notification sound on my mobile. Normally I do not check messages when I am finally trying to sleep, but today I checked. It was him. He had sent me another message.

“Sorry, I should not have told everything in the one message. I should have taken some time to open my heart. It must have annoyed you. Sorry again.”

“No that’s ok. It is normal.”-I replied.

“Oh thank god you are there.”-he replied immediately.

“<smiley>”-I had nothing to say so I sent him an emoticon.

“So it is normal for you to receive such annoying messages?”

“Oh no no, what I meant was that today people are more expressive. They do not hesitate before writing something like this. I liked your honesty.”

I read somewhere that never message long sentences when you are talking with someone for the first time. You lose value. I really never pay attention when I read.

“Seems you are a great observer.”

“You can’t tell so soon how my nature is.”

“Well, of course I can. Also I have been following your blog for a while now.”

So he is stalking me. I made a blog 1 year ago and gradually stopped posting things as I gave priority to my SEO clients. How did he do that?

“How do you know that I had..I mean I have a blog? Do you know me? Do I know you? Are you hiding something from me?”

I got nervous. What if he is dangerous? What an idiot I am to reply to such messages. I should have blocked him. It’s not too late, I can still do it.

As I clicked his profile I received his message.

“Well, you have stopped writing, but you forgot to delete the URL from your Facebook profile.”

It was a relief to know. I calmed myself down. Took a while and then replied.

“Oh, yes I created this personal blog long time ago. I was really busy with my career so put it on hold.”

“You write very nice. Though they are personal, but I can see you mostly write about relationships.”

“Thanks for observing that. Now who is the great observer? Tell me. <smiley>”

“I will take it as a compliment. I really liked them. You should write more.”

“I really want to, but who cares. It is very tough to gather the traffic. And you are the second after Angie to ask me this.”

“Who is Angie?”

“My roommate and best friend.”

“That’s cool. So with 5 posts you have managed to make two fans at least. Imagine if you were posting regularly how many fans you would have made.”

His last message made me feel good. It was motivational. I never thought that way. I wanted to talk more about it. This conversation was giving me major blogging goals. I always wanted to run my own successful blog, but looking at the fact that only a few people make good money out of it, I chose to do job. Initially, I had thought that I will save money to invest on my blog, like purchasing domain, hosting, mapping, and maintenance, but after ration, and EMI I could only save a few hundred in my pocket. I should not have purchased this apartment in such a posh area-I thought.

“I will post soon when come up with some interesting topic”

“You cannot come up, it comes to you. Every single thing happening around you gives you the inspiration. Sieve it from your imagination, polish it with the coated words and here you go.”

I started falling in love (not like that love) with this guy. It seemed as if god has come from somewhere and really want me to think about my own blog.

“Sure, thanks.”-I could only write this.

“Good night, I am feeling sleepy now.”-Then this.

“Sure, have a good night and please consider your fan’s request”

I sent one final smiley and put mobile on the silent mode.

I tried hard to sleep but could not, so opened up the URL of my blog and started reading the posts, and kept reading them until my eyes were completely closed.

“Get up Ma’am. I am getting late for the work.”-I opened my eyes and saw Angie all dressed up in formal with a cup of tea in one hand.

“Today is off. Have you forgotten?”

“Boss called me at 6:00 A.M. We have a skype meeting with this Australian client.”

She handed me the cup, put on the sandals, and rushed towards the main door.

Left with nothing after we bid good bye to each other I opened my laptop and sipped the tea. I recalled my midnight talks and checked for the messages from him. And there it was.

“Dear Dollu,

Your readers are you customers and they are of three types. I believe you must have read it somewhere. But if not, let me explain it to you.

First type is dog: they are honest and will remain with you forever. They will follow you wherever you write or post or publish. By posting regularly for them you cover 33.33% market.

Now come to the second type, they are cats. They really do not bother about you. As far they are getting food they will stay with you. So make sure you post regularly so that they remain with you. Otherwise they will leave soon. By entertaining cat customers too you cover 66.67% market.

The last one is…I will tell you about this later.

I hope you will take my advice seriously and start writing again. I believe one post daily will hardly take 1 or 2 hours. Instead of chatting with me last night, you could have written one post. But thank god you are in the right hands now. (smiley)



It made me smile. This guy really cared about my posting. Perhaps, he really wanted me to grow as a blogger. Or he has something planned. Might be he is looking for some favor. Here he goes. He said he is my ex-colleague which might mean he wants me to write content for his personal clients in very cheap rates. How could I not think about it before? Today, no one really cares about others unless they can make a good use of the later.

I did not reply and started my day as usual, though the other part of my heart kept saying that I might be wrong.

With camera, sunglasses and laptop I hit the road. Some desperate clients can really make you work on Saturdays too.

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